Child Star Corey Feldman accused of rape, emotional and physical abuse


LOS ANGELES (CA) A number of women have recently come out to openly accuse the former Goonies , Licence to drive and Lost Boys actor Corey Feldman of rape, abuse, physical and sexual assault.

So far, eight women have spoken out as victims and witnesses of Corey Feldman’s allegations of rape , mental and physical abuse. Some of them have worked in very close proximity with him and or have been a part of Corey Feldman’s band Corey’s Angels.

On June 16 2020 Mindy Robinson published an open editorial titled “Corey Feldman is a Sexual Predator: Former Angels Speak Out” to lend weight to some of these accusations.

“Corey Feldman is a manipulative, emotional bully and takes advantage of every one he knows. I very well believe that he himself was a victim of sexual abuse…but that does not give him the right to sexually violate women all the while pretending to fight Hollywood predators. Make no mistake, Corey Feldman is a sexual predator of the worst kind.” Said Mindy Robinson

On June 28 a full expose by investigative journalist Jim Cue uncovering Feldman’s questionable sexual behaviour and ongoing first person allegations from a growing number of alleged victims and witnesses who have spoken out were made public on a Medium narrating the accounts of Mindy Robinson, Mara Moon, Jacqueline Von Rueden, Poeina Suddarth, Margot Lane , Chantal Knippenburg, Amy Clark, Krystal Khali and Chantal Doe.

As evidence and claims kept pilling up against Corey Feldman and only days following Mindi Robinson’s open editorial , Corey Feldman was scheduled to be one of the panelists on the town hall meeting organized by the LA committee on Sexual Violence, a panel that was made up of several SAG-AFTRA survivors of sexual violence, the event was abruptly cancelled due to allegations of sexual misconduct against one of their panelists.

Corey Feldman has used his twitter handle and a handful of publications to deny every allegation against him, going as far as victim shaming some of the accusers, and in a single incident posting naked images (revenge porn) of one of his alleged victims while maintaining that a certain nefarious group he refers to as the “Wolfpack” is against the truth he aimed to reveal in his documentary and “they” cooked up this slander against him, with the sole intention to tarnish his reputation and stifle his voice as he continues to dodge multiple assassination attempts on him.