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A new craft product for girls aged between 5-12 becomes a big seller on Amazon. The arts and craft kit for girls allows children to design their own special fashion headbands. The gift set which is perfect for birthday’s and parties will give children hours of fun using their creative skills to design their own fashion items.

The fashion headbands craft kit is a great gift for parties and sleepovers. The kit includes everything that is needed to design and make headbands. It is not only a great gift to give a child to enjoy with their friends but is also a great gift so parents and their daughters can spend quality time together designing fun fashionwear.

The craft kit comes with everything that is needed to design fashion headbands. The fashion headband kit comes with a rainbow selection of satin headbands, providing children of all tastes to have one that suits them. Also included are beautiful ribbons, colourful flowers, butterflies, feathers, rhinestones, glue pen, craft thread and more. With more than 60 hair accessories, there is enough for all the family and friends to have their own colourful headband.

Since being launched on Amazon by Mazichands, the craft has become one of the best selling in its price range. It continues to receive rave reviews from parents, which includes a review from Nicole Marie.

“Omg! How fun! My 3&4 years olds have had so much fun and felt so proud that they got to independently design their own headbands. Folks with little girls, I recommend this 100%”

The fashion craft kit which is available for less than $12 is a perfect gift for a child at any time of year, especially for birthdays, Easter, and Christmas. It allows young girls to have fun with their friends and design colourful headbands to wear at parties and for special occasions.

When asked more about the craft kit, a spokesman for Mazichands said: “The headband craft kit allows children to have fun indoors and to show their creative talents. It is a great gift to give a child for hours of fun and allows mothers and daughter to bond together.”

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