Church Daggers: How To Overcome Church Hurt and Gain Spiritual Freedom Becomes Amazon Bestseller

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Rasheda McGuire’s Church Daggers leaps to top of Amazon’s Bestseller list


Lanham, Maryland – Author, educator, therapist, and minister of the gospel, Rasheda McGuire is proud to announce that her debut book, Church Daggers: How To Overcome Church Hurt and Gain Spiritual Freedom is now an Amazon Bestseller.

The book, which has received an outstanding reception since its release, continues to speak to the pains of millions who have experienced church hurt and encourages them to embrace healing and reconciliation so they can become not just better Christians but better people.

Church hurt can be a dark and depressing place to return from. It is never an easy task navigating it, and often times, many Christians let that hurt negatively affect their relationships with other Christians and even with God. This book seeks to provide spiritual and practical guidance for those who are dealing with church hurt. Whether it is disappointment or betrayal from toxic leaders or while serving in ministry, Church Hurt Church Daggers provides the tools and fresh insight on how to overcome church hurt and start walking in victory. 

Here are some of what the book’s readers have to say:

“I’ve learned from Church Daggers to take it to God and wait for him to answer. The prayers at the end of each chapter are great because it’s the words I want to say but couldn’t because my heart would hold on to the anger, but now I’m aware of the steps to take.” – Ms. Carolyn Jones

”Church Daggers was a great read and very informative. I, too experienced a lot of hurt in a previous church which taught me not to put people on a pedestal. This book is a must for any Christian who is dealing with offense at the hands of another Christian. Great job of telling it like it is!” – Pamela Cunningham

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About Rasheda McGuire:

Rasheda McGuire is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Maryland. She oversees outpatient mental health and psychiatric rehabilitation programs in Prince Georges County, Maryland. Rasheda is an ordained elder who faithfully serves at her local church. She provides online courses and coaching services for personal and business growth. Rasheda’s heart and desire are to encourage emotional and spiritual restoration to all within her sphere of influence.

Rasheda currently serves as chair for Regent University’s department of Psychology and Counseling Alumni, and provides insight and direction for area graduates that promote best practices and professional development. She enjoys hiking, relaxing on the beach, admiring art, connecting with friends and family, reading books on her kindle, eating good food, and listening to good music.

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