Class-A Chicks creates a trucking lifestyle brand designed to empower women


A trucking clothing line aiming to break the norm and establish its own identity in a male dominated industry

Class A-Chick is a clothing line that represents women in the trucking and logistics industry. The trucking lifestyle brand was created to unite women in the trucking industry. The brand has come to add a feminine touch to an industry that is primarily male dominated and could be wrongly perceived as intimidating for women. Having a clothing line specifically for women ensures that the sight of a women truck driver is seen as one of unity and a symbol of sisterhood.

The Brand wants you to wear your profession proudly. It believes that all women in the trucking profession are connected in their experiences, all women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

Even though more women are now becoming truck drivers, still out of 3.6 million truck drivers, only about 10 percent are women. To fight prejudice and discrimination, it is essential for all women to form an identity that empowers them. Wearing a Class-A Chick’s Hat, Shirt, or Sweater not only provides comfort but also the confidence to deal with the hardships of the work.

Class A-Chick’s clothing line is centered around the theme of women empowerment and sisterhood. All products are handmade, the high-quality lineup starts at just $23, and with free shipping on selected items.

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