Cloodo launches all-new free project management feature to the public

Project management and team collaboration tool can transform a digital workspace making productivity more dynamic

July 2, 2021 – New Castle, DE – Cloodo has officially launched an all-new free project management feature to the public. The online company is well-known to the IT, marketing, and design sectors, and the new project management tool will enable further industries to take advantage of Cloodo’s incredible features to improve their digital workspace making productivity more dynamic.

A well-designed digital workspace allows people finding suitable job jobs and manage all of them on one platform only, Cloodo is especially for business that wants to implement productivity OKR and agile growth hacking to your operation. Users can access website and real-time data on any device, from any location, allowing for remote working in these new coronavirus pandemic times.

Cloodo is a company that enables the acceleration of digital transformation for businesses, giving them Know-How Agencies supported by Smart Project Management System and Secured Payment for final result. The digital workspace helps businesses and individuals reach their goals by connecting them with capable services and high-quality human resources.

Users have all of their files and operating services in one place using Cloodo. The digital workspace provides advanced flexibility, productivity, improved collaboration, better customer service, and reduced costs. Users are able to use the all-new free project management feature to better control their work.

Research has found that digital workspaces such as Cloodo offer more engagement from employees at work. A digital workspace allows for greater productivity, self-starting, and innovation. The difference between Cloodo and other digital workspaces, however, is reduced clutter. Users are able to locate what they are looking for quickly and easily. This enables them to be more productive. Cloodo’s all-new free project management feature will ensure users have all of the tools needed to accomplish a wide range of jobs.  

For more information on Cloodo and its myriad of services, and more, please visit the company’s official website.

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