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Cochise Oncology Website Gets a Makeover


Cochise Oncology, located in Sierra Vista, Arizona, is pleased to launch our new website, http://cochiseoncology.com, for a more comprehensive approach in providing our patients information about our facilities, services, care team, and advanced treatments.

As the largest full-service cancer treatment center between Albuquerque, NM and Tucson, AZ, we provide a compassionate, comprehensive, and multi-disciplinary approach to patients facing some of the most difficult diagnoses in medicine. Our services include chemotherapy, radiation, tomotherapy, infusion therapy, skin cancer screenings and treatments, biopsies, pulmonary function testing, pulmonary disease treatment, critical illness treatment, respiratory disease treatment, and sleep disorder treatment.

Our mission is to treat the patient with the most complete treatment approach possible, including timely treatments, personalized care by compassionate and extensively qualified medical professionals, and advanced technology, all delivered in the most compassionate, collaborative way possible in a facility that is the most comfortable environment possible. We stay on top of advancements in cancer research to bring the very best to each and every patient we treat.

The website helps us show our patients everything we offer them and their families during their treatment. We host a monthly support group to help both patients and their families cope with a very scary diagnoses and the treatment that follows. We also provide a treatment-specific in-house lab for patient convenience and peace of mind. We can do myGeneHistory testing for patients and families to learn more about genetics and hereditary cancer testing, and to determine their risk of developing hereditary cancers.

Also on the website is information about our Hospitality Houses, our two fully furnished residences we can provide to patients who are traveling from out of town for daily radiation treatments. It’s our effort to make cancer treatment as stress free as possible to patients and families who qualify. We can even arrange transportation from the Hospitality Houses to our facility.

From your first introduction with the front office staff through your comprehensive treatment protocol, the entire team at Cochise Oncology is there to see you through your treatment with as much comfort, grace, and dignity as possible. We’ve made it our mission to provide our patients with a whole health experience, and our new website is one more asset in that mission.

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Company Name: Cochise Oncology
Contact Person: Media Relations
Phone: (520) 803-6644
City: Sierra Vista
State: AZ
Country: United States
Website: http://cochiseoncology.com

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