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Leading Investment advisory firm, Paul Dodd Asset Management Limited provides professional investment advice, pension recommendations and portfolio management. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Paul Dodd Asset Management Limited is trusted by numerous Investors!


In a recent research study, 38 per cent of investors stated that having an advisor who would act in their best interest was the most important determinant factor. In determining an investment portfolio, you need the help of a financial adviser most conversant with economic trends, regulatory changes and adaptability with risky decisions.

Financial Planning advisors that access the financial needs of individuals are best suited to help clients with their investments, tax laws and insurance decisions. Paul Dodd offers specialized knowledge and global skill in managing your investment and provides global asset management services across a wide range of traditional and alternative investment options. Their financial services include estate planning, managing investment, retirement plans and taxes.

Unlike several investment advisory firms, Paul Dodd’s Advisory proffers general solutions to help you make the most from your money.  You will gain an understanding of the expected rates to receive; investments for your retirement and non-retirement accounts; whether to buy stock or mutual funds; how you can rearrange investments to reduce taxable income; taxes you might incur when you buy or sell investments; risks associated with each investment; what to invest in.

To accomplish your goal, you may need a skilled professional with the right financial experience to help make these plans a reality. Paul Dodd Asset Management Limited will help you understand what is involved in meeting your financial goals with detailed solutions in budgeting, saving and Pension Advice.

They understand your financial health and the situations surrounding it making certain no important information is overlooked. With this, they synthesize all your information into a comprehensive financial plan that will serve as a road map to a successful financial future. These assessments are based upon your expected net worth and future income at retirement including all possibilities of outliving your money.

Paul Dodd Asset Management Limited understands the significance of our finances and how it influences ourselves and our loved ones and has proven its commitment to providing the best investment advice. 

The services offered are flexible, personal and customisable to your individual needs. All clients are offered one-to-one advice to provide an individual experience.

About Paul Dodd Asset Management Limited

Paul Dodd Asset Management Limited is an Independent UK Investment Advisory Firm located at 18 Wynmore Avenue Bramhope Leeds West Yorkshire. It is staffed with a team of professionals with expertise in financial management and investment. 

You can trust the experience and excellent service delivery which is proven by its numerous happy clients. Over the last 20 years of helping their clients, Paul Dodd’s Investment Advisory has proven its dedication in achieving its mission in keeping customer satisfaction priority.

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