‘Consumer Protection Networks’ Frees People From The Chains Of Their Timeshare

Being Relieved of A Timeshare Obligation Has Never Been Easier With the Professionals at Consumer Protection Networks


Dover, Delaware – Consumer Protection Networks is excited to announce that they are offering professional and legal assistance in freeing people from the chains of their costly timeshare. They have made it their passion to take on the timeshare sharks by saving consumers from their predatory practices.

Timeshare has been around for 60 years and was originally a way to have a permanent vacation spot for consumers and their families. It was an immediate hit as consumers worldwide didn’t have to compete for lodging during their favorite vacation months. What began as a welcome addition to the lives of avid vacationers soon became a pit of scavengers preying on unsuspecting consumers, causing them to be stuck in a costly contract for potentially the rest of their lives.

Consumer Protection Networks recognized the need for a solution to provide consumers with relief regarding the timeshare. With their large legal network that boasts an A+ with the BBB and 5 stars on Google, they are a step above the other timeshare exit companies that may or may not have the tools to get consumers the freedom from their timeshare chains that they desperately need.

Consumer Protection Networks also has the backing of an enthusiastic US Congressperson and a Florida state representative. Their combined passion for helping consumers exit the timeshare industry scam gives Consumer Protection Networks an edge over the other timeshare relief guys. Their goal is to permanently provide current and future timeshare consumers with relief through their legal aid and national legislation that will prevent timeshare scams from happening ever again.

Their passion for the consumer goes beyond that of any of their competitors. With their slogan being, “Your Success. Our Commitment.” Consumer Protection Networks holds themselves accountable for your future when it comes to your current timeshare obligations. With a passionate team of legal experts ready and equipped to end the suffering caused by the timeshare industry’s scam, consumers can rest easy knowing that they will be freed from the chains of their permanent timeshare commitment.

Consumer Protection Networks takes a personal approach to getting timeshare customers the relief that they need. They can expect a custom-tailored experience that is unique to them. They understand that different states and cities and different timeshare scams come with different contracts and regulations. There is no cookie-cutter response when it comes to getting consumers the timeshare exit relief that they need. Their experts are devoted to each case and will not rest until their client is free.

For people that are in need of special relief from the bad experiences within the timeshare industry, Consumer Protection Networks can get them the relief that they so desperately need. Visit www.ConsumerProtectiomNetworks.com, to learn more about the services that Consumer Protection Networks offers today.

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