Copperwell, Pioneers of New Smart Hydration App and Copper Water Bottles, Revolutionizes Health and Nutrition by Unlocking The Future of Water for Consumers



Copperwell, a new brand of sustainable water bottles and technologies, has announced a revolutionary line of health-based products for the United States market. Improving how people consume water, Copperwell is sharing its line of copper water bottles nationwide in record numbers. Each copper bottle luxuriously redefines the experience of enjoying nature’s purest beverage – water – and leaves health-conscious consumers ready to leverage its many health benefits in their daily life.

Copperwell bottles harness the science of ancient ayurvedic traditions,which sought to store water in copper vessels to harness its medicinal healing properties. Each copper bottle has been designed to ionize water by supercharging its natural elements to create a tri-fold balance between mind, body, and spirit using a process known as “Tamra Jal.” Modern studies by the National Institute of Health have attested to these benefits and demonstrated coppers natural anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, which have been shown to help promote healthy immune systems, improve skin texture, and reduce instances of arthritis and inflamed joints.

Each bottle is functional, stylish, and sustainable. Reusable copper bottle reduces consumer reliance on single-use plastic alternatives, which have increasingly proven detrimental to the environment. Today, nearly 500 billion plastic bottles each year are used by consumers, with millions landing in Earth’s waters and landing on its coastlines. Together with its customers, Copperwell has already saved over 250 million bottles from Earth’s oceans with its environmentally friendly copper bottles.

“We lead the way for smart, eco-friendly water consumption,” remarked Ashish Pandya of Copperwell. “Our copper bottles are available in signature classic, hammered, full wrapped print, and mini styles, so there is an option for any stylistic preference. We also provide the tools needed to ensure the longevity of each bottle, such as high-grade customizable silicone sleeves that prevent dents, scratches, and other damage over time,” added Pandya.

In a market first, Copperwell customers can get help choosing the perfect bottle with the company’s comprehensive Dosha test,which utilizes modern technologies to discover the predominant nature of customers to offer them personalized product recommendations in areas of bottle color, print, and engraving. The powerful app also provides personalized recommendations for water consumption, helping each consumer achieve maximum hydration with water drinking alerts that are delivered straight to consumers via web and mobile notifications. The app is currently conducting a promising Beta test among early Copperwell customers and earning positive feedback in the process.

“Copperwell strives to add more value to lifestyles by providing not just a product, but a service,” remarked Ashish Pandya of Copperwell. “Our copper water bottles and smart hydration app deliver the future to each consumer. With advantages like 30-day money-back guarantees, special discounts, and technology-based solutions, we aim to promote ancient traditions and their medicinal properties in the modern world,” added Pandya.

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