Corona-Virus Killer Drones Startup Announces The Launch Of Drone Based Virus Killer With UV-Ozone-Photo Caterlitiysis Disinfection Technology


Oakland, CA A startup company named Robotic Vector Control is developing a plug-in modular, multi-function, unmanned aerial vehicle also known as a single drone. This single drone can perform various tasks such as Viruses, bacteria and mold disinfection,  eradicating mosquitoes, indoor bedbugs, evicting or eradicating agriculture pests such as mice, caterpillars  and beetles, helping farmers pollinate plants, clearing tree leaves on roofs, streets, dislodges rooftop snow, sanitizes, refreshes polluted air,  evicts subterranean farm pests and odors indoors. The company is also working on a wildland fire fighting drone to extinguish fire without use of water or chemicals.

They are working hard on their proprietary technology which is enabling its drone to operate autonomously whether inside or outside utilizing GPS (simultaneous localization and mapping) SLAM and an advanced obstacle avoidance system. The company’s priority is to put the drone to eradicate viruses that cause huge damages on economic and death of human lives.  The user can remotely instructing the drone with Smartphone kill the viruses and insects prior to his return home. 

To eradicate indoor Viruses, the drone flies around rooms sucking in polluted air from floor to ceiling then pass through a group of Titanium Oxide coated plates which are charged with high voltage. The plates are irradiated with UV causing polluted air became harmless exiting from bottom of the drone. During the severe flu outbreak season, Ozone is showering from drone to add extra protection from flu virus infection.

To fight fire, an Acoustic Heterodyning equipped drone extinguished the flame. Then a second acoustic cannon drone disperses the still hot embers to ensure the fire would not reignited.

To remove snow and fallen tree leaves, the drone hovers closer to rooftops, blasting the snow with a high velocity and volume of air to dislodge snow. On streets and on roofs, drone corrals leaves into a pile using high velocity and volume of air.

This young startup company has been working on projects that will improve the quality of life while minimizing the impact on the environment. The company is seeking partners/co-founders to help bring their projects to serve the communities. 

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They are a new startup. They need everything, partners, and co-founders. Want to joint them for these projects? Contact them.

Media Contact
Company Name: Robotic Vector Control
Contact Person: Simon Yu

Phone: 510-388-5787
Address:3806 Whittle Ave
City: Oakland
State: California
Country: United States