Covid Data Science has launched its website


Covid Data Science has launched its website, probability and forecast engine to help the public and members of government agencies better see the future and understand why action is necessary now and which locations require special preventive measures.

The site uses a probability based system that takes into account only recent infections and population to produce a probability of contracting Covid-19 for every country, state and county. It also features a map that uses a mathematical model to forecast increases in cases for up to 10 days. Graphs are plotted and show measures taken by state and national governments, making it easy to see if those efforts have had a meaningful impact. Customizable charts show the exponential growth curve, which can be used to see the first signs of slowing growth.

Chief architect and data scientist Scott Olson writes, “We all have a part to do to shine a very big light on what is happening in the world. We need to give local officials and the public a chance to understand what is happening and what may happen in the short term. We believe that by giving people a complete picture, they will take more decisive action sooner.”

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About: Covid Data Science is made up of a group of data scientists, programmers, and machine learning experts, and funded by Collective Weather, a US software company. Members from all over the world have contributed, including: USA, Romania, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Greece, Ukraine. Covid Data Science uses data from John Hopkins University and Covid Data Scrapper.


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