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Serekell is an IT company engaged in functional programming. The main specialization of the company is the development of various complex software applications, as well as the management of large-scale IT systems.


In the spring of 2021, Serekell was included in the list of the best blockchain developers in Eastern Europe. This list was compiled by independent experts from Clutch, and they also recognized Serekell as one of the leading companies in the field of AI, as well as IT service providers.

Haskell is ideal for creating large projects. Unfortunately, not all specialists understand this and see all the features of this programming language. So, the leaders of Serokell work as Haskell evangelists. They show the opportunities of functional programming and demonstrate it’s advantages in the field of scalability, reliability, and great potential via real projects.


Serekell actively cooperates with various educational institutions that train young programmers. For the most talented and diligent, the company provides internships in an experienced team and jobs, as well. In addition to collaborating with educational institutions, the company supports the research and development of GHC, the open-source Haskell compiler, and develops new programming languages for the Tezos platform.

Serokell Academy

Serokell Academy, which has only recently started operating, today is gaining more and more popularity. The main tasks of the established Academy are:

– Assistance to young professionals in understanding programming languages, as well as providing Q&A sections to help them gain the necessary experience.

– Help experienced professionals to solve complex tasks, as well as improve programming and management skills.

– Assistance to managers of existing projects in understanding the nuances of work, as well as expanding their areas of expertise.

– Assistance to the digital marketers in clarifying the necessary aspects of ML and IT solutions.

Serokell Academy has its own YouTube channel, where new videos are regularly released. These videos cover the most pressing IT and AI issues.


Serokell Labs

Serokell cooperates with several major international institutes. Serokell Labs together with the best scientists carry out the following activities:

– Research on the theory of programming languages,

– Research of distribution systems,

– Research in mathematics,

– Research in the field of creating artificial intelligence.

The laboratory promotes communication between the students and scientists, as well as helps solving real business problems, and let us share the necessary experience with each other.

One software partner – one universal overview of your software systems

Serokell is very flexible in the cooperation with the partners and customers. The developer team can provide complex solutions, or be a dedicated service provider to support all the IT needs of the partner. Using the company’s services, it is possible to concentrate the efforts on your main business, while Serokell is mature and professional to audit, monitor, and solve all the IT-related issues to prevent various software breakdowns, protect from the leakage of personal data, cyber-attacks, and other fraudulent activities. 

Get in touch with the Serokell development team to ask your questions about the optimization of your IT processes or request an independent software audit.

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