Customized Booths are Trending for Offices Creating a New Standard amidst COVID-19


Today’s office work is nothing like it was fifty years ago. Back then, partitions were the solution to the problems of employee concentration, and isolation. But today, this office furniture has a purpose that goes beyond labor productivity. Lignum’s owner says:

“With the current pandemic of the COVID-19 in our daily lives, we have had to change the way we work. These circumstances require us to adapt to a safer option for everyone. As now we are forced to keep our distances, customized office booths are a prominent trend in corporate offices in the US and throughout the world.”

They come in all sizes, colors, and interior layouts to meet clients’ requirements as contemporary interior designers have taken them to a new level in the last five years. However, One-Stop-Shop has a minimalist approach that has delighted its recent customers.

Office booths: between aesthetics and functionality

Lignum’s customized pieces are not just furniture, but genuine works of art with a meaningful concept. They work hand in hand with interior designers and architects, so each booth is tailor-made to the needs of the space and its clients.

These office booths were first ordered at the behest of Fabricate by Empire, the custom furniture and millwork division by Empire Office Inc. The inspiration came with the employees in mind. Now, all of them have a separate, unique desk. The booths respect personal space while promoting risk-free communication between colleagues. Even though everyone holds tough in their own cushioned spot, teamwork still moves forward.

The idea behind this customized furniture is to ensure each worker a safe, healthy, and mindful, and has a pleasant environment to work in comfort & solidarity. In this way, everyone can do his or her own thing, avoiding crowds in an open-plan office space.


The design is manufactured in natural walnut and colorful upholstery which gives it a clean, charming finish. It has locations to connect electrical equipment and even a small space for a ceiling lamp. They have the exact measurements to be cozy without forgetting you’re at work. Also, they take advantage of the office area without hindering the flow in the corridors.

They’re purpose-driven beautiful pieces of furniture: a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. The design effort and the smoothness assembling praises the virtue of the well thought out execution.

Ready-to-use, self-standing, and healthful furniture

These office booths were an ambitious project that was well received. Once installed, no further instructions were necessary. The employees started working immediately. They opened their spaces at ease, totally independent from each other.

Lignum’s furniture meet industry standards and health policies about the Coronavirus pandemic, but also make the business routine welcoming. They bring colleagues together while protecting them separately. They’re a friendly option that will work both the short and long term for corporations that need to turn around their offices.





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