Daily Chemist New Medical Prescription Service Helps Patients During COVID19 Pandemic

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A new medical prescription service allows patients to have their medication delivered directly to their door.


A new medical subscription service that helps people receive prescriptions for Erectile Dysfunction, Acid Reflux, Asthma, and other medical problems without visiting a GP has been hailed as a success. Daily Chemist, which also offers one off prescriptions has launched a service that allows people to get medication for a wide range of problems without leaving their home.


The service is so easy to use many experts have said this is the future. A person requiring a prescription simply needs to visit the website and choose the condition they need treatment for. Then, they fill out an online medical consultation form and a GP will then look at the information and issues a prescription. This will then be delivered for free directly to the patient.


2020 saw the world change with the COVID19 pandemic. GPs stopped seeing patients and instead provided consultations over the phone. With the high R rate, and with more than 66,000 deaths and 1.95m cases, millions of people are scared about visiting a Chemist or leaving their home.


The service has been welcomed by patients with medical problems such as Erectile Dysfunction for allowing them to receive the medication they require in the shortest possible without putting themselves in danger. It has become such a huge success that Daily Chemist has become one of the most talked-about new services of 2020.


More than 4.3 million people (Birmingham Mail) suffer from Erectile Dysfunction with half of the men in their 30s affected. Sadly, due to lockdown, and GPs not seeing patients, millions of men are suffering daily when they should be treated straight away.


Not being able to get or keep an erection can damage a person’s confidence and can also destroy relationships and marriages. Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most common reasons why a couple may divorce. Medical experts have said that those who went through a messy relationship could suffer from this serious problem and fail to get help. Now, thanks to Daily Chemist, people no longer have to worry about visiting their GP or speaking to a medical professional. The confidential service deals with everything.


“Those people who suffer from a wide range of medical problems no longer need to worry about waiting for an appointment with their GP, our service will take care of everything,” explained a spokesman for Daily Chemist.


Daily Chemist which is a vital service for people who have chronic asthma or acid reflux problems can help people to save money on NHS prescriptions. At the moment an NHS item costs £9.15. However, an inhaler provided by Daily Chemist will cost just £8.99.


For more information on the free prescription delivery service, please visit https://www.dailychemist.com/