Daniel Felipe Martinez Announces New Ep ‘La Cienega’


Mexican American artist Daniel Felipe Martinez has spent the past few years traveling the country and honing his skills as a singer/songwriter, developing a style that draws equally from 70’s folk pop and classic hip hop. His new EP shows how powerful this mash up of styles can be. The album’s seven tracks are filled with memorable hooks, genre defiant production, and a sense of charm and intimacy that is sure to win over open-hearted music fans everywhere.

Album opener ‘No Matter The Weather’ sets the tone right away, with an acoustic guitar augmented by the occasional electronic flourish. Daniel’s affected vocals are immediately mesmerizing as he unfurls a simple yet passionate love song. This segues perfectly into ‘Ain’t Got Time,’ in which Daniel taps into his past as a hip hop producer to create one of the albums most instantly lovable tracks. Later in the album, ‘Man Of My Word’ reveals Daniel’s adventurous side, as he toes the line between rapping and singing over a hypnotically persistent bass line.

The album’s strongest moments are the ones where Daniel truly embraces his originality, such as on standout track ‘Universal Law.’ The psychedelic instrumentation allows him to let his imagination run wild, resulting in a track full of twists and turns that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Every track is brimming with personality, making ‘La Cienega’ supremely re-listenable. If this EP is any indication of things to come, Daniel should have a long and prolific career as a songwriter ahead of him.

‘La Cienega’ is available everywhere August 15, 2020


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Company Name: MTS Management Group
Contact Person: Daniel Felipe Martinez
Phone: 615.538.7161
City: Nashville
State: Tennessee
Country: United States
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