Daryl Guberman Exposes ANAB Corruption in Recent Crime Lab Certification Scheme in two new YouTube Videos


With most American eyeing China with much-deserved suspicion, the Quality Certification world finds itself very much in the clutches of Chinese state actors. With a series of failures becoming known to the public, experts like Daryl Guberman are making sure the nation knows what is happening and why.


October 17, 2020

Quality Accreditation bodies are operating under head shaking conditions with shocking ties and associations. ANAB is a good example, tied in with a near unbelievable recent laboratory certification scheme. Industry expert Daryl Guberman is bringing the truth to the public in two new videos. The videos, titled, “ANAB Oversees itself in Laboratory Certification Scheme Via ASCLD, A2LA & ILAC” and “Crime Lab Failure Points To National & International Crisis Under ANSI-ANAB, ASCLD, A2LA, ILAC”, are packed with information that is next to impossible to deny. Guberman, who is the founder of Guberman-PMC, brings remarkable experience in the area of quality certification concerns to the table that few people share. He is also a committed American patriot who understands the dangers posed by things like Chinese, Iranian, Pakistani, and other hostile national influence (or control) in the quality field and beyond.


“This laboratory certification scheme is really reprehensible in all of the worst ways,” commented the always driven and passionate Guberman. “ANSI, ANAB, and the rest of these related organizations are a huge danger both to our country and to the companies that they are accrediting poorly. Check out my two latest videos to really see behind the veil.” Guberman went on to say quality certification is about consistency and Ms. Pamela Sales VP of Forensics at ANSI-ANAB under deposition in Austin Texas stated “there is no commonly agreed-upon set of standards that forensics labs around the country have to follow. Instead, there are informal guidelines that labs can choose to follow or not”. Basically, saying Laboratories both National and International are in crisis, but they are still issuing certifications. An example of International Failure was in Wuhan China where head of the IAF(International Accreditation Forum) & also CNAS ( China National Accreditation Services Xiao Jianhua Certified the Laboratory which failed.


Most companies operate under the illusion that the large Quality Certification organizations are American run and consider things like security and the United State’s interest when operating. The truth is, and Guberman’s YouTube channel is perhaps the best place on the subject, these organizations are being controlled by Chinese nationals, with ties to the Chinese state. Alternatives, like Guberman-PMC do exist, but knowledge of them needs to be spread far and wide.


Guberman has over three decades of experience in the world of quality. Through advice given in his work with Guberman-PMC he has helped companies save millions, while also being able to be confident in the quality of their products, and services. His is especially considered an authority in the aerospace, medical implants and materials, and printing fields. He is always happy to answer any questions or discuss any potential projects by phone or email.


For more information be sure to visit http://dguberman.com. Check out the two new YouTube videos at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX-AWBjzcP4 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXthPfa-S1U&feature=youtu.be.