D’BRIS partners with a Spanish manufacturer to provide recycled shoes promoting sustainability


D’BRIS partners with a Spanish manufacturer to offer recycled ocean plastic shoes, with the primary objective of promoting sustainability and preservation of natural resources. With a focus to keep oceans cleaner, the initiative promotes the idea of rethinking consumption and aims to keep environmental footprint as small as possible.

D’RBIS with the primary goal of sustainability has been pledging to reduce environmental footprint. By partnering with a manufacturer in Spain, D’BRIS promotes sustainability by using solar power and recycled leftover materials. The shoe materials are sourced around Spain with a focus of delivering comfort and style. It has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to keep the environmental footprint as small as possible, and the model online is offered in two distinct colours, black and white or all black.

The campaign promises to offer a third colour as a stretch goal if the campaign is off to a good start. It fits all genders ideally while being available across sizes 36-46 (.5.5-12US). These endeavours are implemented with the aim of promoting the use of recycled and repurposed materials, and reduce the negative impact on the environment. Through the initiative, D’BRIS pledges to alter the habits among individuals and reduce harm caused to the planet. With the initiative, it also intends to inspire and encourage others to take proper action and enforce a change as necessary.

The manufacturing factory chosen is at the forefront of sustainability with the incorporation of solar power and recycled materials while demolishing ocean plastic pollution. It is on display in-store in Australia, Denmark and California. As it promotes the idea of sustainability, hence it requests individuals to support the cause by not buying shoes if it is already owned by consumers.

‘If you buy our shoes, we don’t want them to collect dust in a wardrobe. Don’t buy our shoes if you already have shoes that serve their purpose. You can still support us by sharing our project or donating some money and let us pick some trash in return. We want the shoes to be used, and for a long time until they are completely worn out, as only then we can make a difference. The shoes can be bought by visiting https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dbrisshoes/dbris-our-shoes-are-trash.’, as said by the spokesperson at D’BRIS.

D’BRIS has chosen shoes to uplift and promote the idea of sustainability as it makes its advent from the word debris. The word debris refers to scattered pieces of remains and trash, and this is exactly what the shoes are made from. Although the team and the initiative were laughed at by significant fashion suppliers, however D’BRIS ensured that the idea is safeguarded and promoted against all odds. The efforts has manifested competitively priced handcrafted shoes, made of ocean plastic and car tires. With an aim to inspire millions, the initiative promotes a bright futuristic upliftment.

About D’BRIS:
D’BRIS is a sustainable brand promoting the re-use and recycling of ocean waste and plastic materials.

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