Dealer Inside Gives the Nation’s Car Dealerships a Way to Keep America Mobile During COVID-19


Amid coronavirus social-distancing, one thing remains true. America still has to move. Savvy car dealerships nationwide have tapped into remote long-term selling capabilities with an app called Dealer Inside. Now, people never have to darken the door of a dealership again. Car dealers go to them in real-time to sell a car, start to finish, entirely online.  Welcome to the new virtual test drive.

Trevor Stewart, the Co-Founder & CEO of Dealer Inside, said, “Our app is the answer for keeping America mobile during COVID-19. It’s the only way car dealerships can secure transportation for people during this crisis. We simply offer a solution so that car buyers have no reason to even consider going to the dealership anymore. They’re responding in droves.  Our YouTube video got 150,000 views in the last 30-days.”

The functionality shortlist goes a little something like this.  Once on the dealership’s website, buyers can choose the vehicle they like and click on the option, “See The Car Live.” Immediately they’re forwarded to a salesperson that, through a high-resolution video call, will give them a virtual tour of the car on their cellphone and streamline the sale. Managers get overview reporting alerts and notifications about the call and can even view it online to up the ante on customer service. The days of buying cars at the dealerships with pushy salespeople are truly history now that dealerships have discovered Dealer Inside.

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About Dealer Inside:

Dealer Inside is an app that facilitates virtual tours for cars through car dealership websites. It puts the user in charge seeing the dealer doesn’t get any info on the user unless he or she is interested in the vehicle. This places the user’s needs before the dealer’s and makes the salesperson work hard to capture the user’s interest then info to make the sale. The user has nothing to download or upload to see the car just simply click on the button “See The Car Live” from the Dealerships website then the car is ready to be viewed right from the comfort of their home.


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