Defend your tenant’s rights and freedoms, by supporting Frédérik Giguère.


MONTREAL –We are living in an increasingly computerized world, where it becomes hard to preserve even our most basic freedoms. And this is exactly the issue Frédérik Giguère has had to face, even as a tenant. Pervasive cameras, publication of photos without respecting the image rights, microphones arranged in the infrastructures of leisure, pressure exerted on the individuals, closure of the emergency exits… Situations which are unfortunately not as rare as one might think, and which can sometimes generate a climate of tension.

After having lived quite a long time in Québec, in a building composed of a few hundreds of condos, and noticed the drifts of the power exerted on the tenants, Frédérik Giguère has created a website aiming at allowing everyone to express themselves on the question, to eventually make a difference.  

But unfortunately, his freedom of expression has been hindered, and under pressure, he is exposed to the risk of having to close his website, and put an end to his activity on social networks.

Today, he thus has to gather $ 7,500, to be able to take legal action and continue defending the fundamental freedoms of all tenants. So do not hesitate to get involved with him, by participating in the financing program he has set up.

Thus, to take part to the financing of Frédérik Giguère’s legal expenses, and get involved at his side, let’s follow the link :