Dermatology & Plastic Surgery of Arizona Adds Restylane Kysse® to Arsenal of Anti-Aging Procedures


Dermatology & Plastic Surgery of Arizona, under the direction of Drs. Christopher Weyer and Jamie Moenster, are pleased to bring the newest product in the dermal filler market, Restylane Kysse® to patients in Tucson and Sierra Vista.

Newly FDA-approved Restylane Kysse® is set to give dermatologists and plastic surgeons more control than ever over the results of lip enhancements. Because the lips and mouth are the most mobile areas of the face, previous dermal fillers have struggled to provide a dramatic level of volume to the lips while still remaining pliable enough to keep a natural appearance. The more active the treatment area, the faster the dermal filler is metabolized and the shorter-lived the results are. Restylane Kysse® maker Galderma has engineered Restylane Kysse® to better balance the integrity of the gel’s hyaluronic acid molecules with the flexibility necessary to keep results looking real and natural. While cross-linking technology is part of it, the rest is down to the ExpresHAn Technology™ used in Restylane Kysse® creation. ExpressHAn Technology™ creates a gel dermal filler with enhanced integration with the patient’s tissues. This keeps the filler pliable and flexible, for natural results, while also maintaining the strength and structure of the hyaluronic acid molecules to provide longer-lasting volume. Restylane Kysse® lasts up to a year, where competitive lip fillers average 6-9 months before retreatment is necessary.

Restylane Kysse® also requires a smaller dosage to achieve the same or better results than other injectables, which saves patients not only money but discomfort during the injection process. The gel’s longevity means patients get plump lips with less product for a longer period of time. Restylane Kysse® is ideal for patients seeking to enhance the size and shape of their lips, smooth away fine lines and wrinkles around the lips (sometimes called smoker’s lines), and fill in deepening nasolabial folds or lines from the corners of the mouth down the chin. Because of the gel’s improved integration with tissues and its makeup of hyaluronic acid molecules, a naturally occurring substance in the body, even the most sensitive of patients tolerate the filler well. Virtually anyone seeking to enhance their lips or minimize wrinkles is a good candidate for Restylane Kysse®.

Drs. Christopher Weyer and Jamie Moenster have served the Tucson and Sierra Vista areas since 2013 to offer Arizonans dermatological treatment and specialized reconstructive and plastic surgery of the face, neck, and body. Dr. Weyer and Dr. Moenster are board-certified and trained in different disciplines to optimize skin cancer reconstruction, including the Mohs micrographic surgery technique, which is the most advanced and effective treatment for skin cancer with the highest potential cure rate at 99%. Mohs surgery is designed to preserve the most healthy tissue possible while providing the most complete removal of cancerous skin lesions. Dermatology & Plastic Surgery of Arizona’s award winning physicians and staff have cultivated a stellar reputation for the highest standards of patient care in Pima and Cochise counties and beyond. While COVID-19 is still a concern, telemedicine appointments are available as are socially distanced in-office appointments with extensive precautionary measures to ensure every patient’s safety as well as that of the staff. Call today for an appointment.

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