Dice Bash Provides An Ideal Break From Working From Home By Launching Three New Games


With Battle Bash set to be the first game released on the App Store and Google Play on the 11th of June, 2021 – Soccer Bash and Speed Bash are soon to follow.

Dice Bash has come up with a solution for the stressful “work from home” routine by announcing the launch of a digital arcade with three new multiplayer games – Battle Bash, Soccer Bash, and Speed Bash. The games can be played online and offline, and players can start with a free 1-click membership to play the full version of the game.


Battle Bash – Just WAR: The game puts two commanders on the battlefield to protect their land from the attack of the invaders. In this tactical piece movement game, players battle on a unique battle grid with options to choose from a “Just War” mode or go on 7 different missions full of adventure and thrill. Players get to live these adventures in 16 unique 2D and 3D themes, including an AI to play vs. the CPU.

Players need to develop a strategy to rescue their team, transport supplies, defend different locations, and escort soldiers to safe areas against the invaders’ attacks. The new age war game allows players to battle on four arenas with multiple Leaderboard options. As they win battles, the players can collect victory stars, prestigious trophies and move up the hierarchy of defense ranks to attain the status of legends.

Soccer Bash – Tactical Football Manager: This game will soon follow the release of Battle Bash. The fast-paced and engaging soccer game allows players to manage their teams as they play on a unique soccer field. The game provides players with realistic soccer simulations and various formations to make the gaming experience engaging. With Soccer Bash, the players can choose from 7 distinct themes and 16 trophies. To be played on four different arenas with multiple Leaderboards, the game can be played on a smaller pitch or a full-sized field.

Dice Bash’s streak doesn’t end here. Soon after the launch of Soccer Bash, players will have access to Speed Bash – Race the World! – a multiplayer puzzle and racing game. Designed for 2 to 4 players, Speed Bash allows players to compete against each other in a quest to find specific hidden color shapes. Once a player finds a matching piece, they need to place it in a matching spot, along with the matching count of rewards, and following that race to smash the buzzer.

Moreover, Speed Bash players can play another game on the portal called SPEEDZAA for free to get their speed, memory, and recognition of shapes and colors tested.

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