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Digital Brandz, LLC is a marketing firm headquartered in Atlanta GA. This firm is co-owned by two ambitious businessmen, Jacoby Mondy & Michael, both skilled with backgrounds in sales, marketing, and cognitive psychology. Realizing that in their demographic there was not a market in the urban community with resources for growth hacking and business development they decided to combine their skills together and start the firm. Like any other business in the beginning phases they experienced major setbacks. Disappointed but still determined they decided to research resources that would help scale their business to the next level. In this process they found that there were not many alternatives to what was already being done so they developed a systematic process that inspired them to change the web design & e-commerce business forever.

This has led them to become the most influential leaders in their industry. Digital Brandz was developed in February 2014. During the testing phase they volunteered to work for free in order to build a name for themselves. “One of the fastest ways to get your name out there is servitude,” Jacoby says, “Leverage your skillset until your skillset leverages your income” The two worked endlessly, day and night sending out DM after DM with before and after screenshots of websites they created to hundreds of celebrities with existing stores.

After weeks of no response, the two almost gave up, but they were determined to not be defeated. Their first big break came with admiration and strong praise from a very reputable celebrity client. Serial entrepreneur Premadonna who had established a six figure online business responded to the message sent to her and requested they design her website. Using their in-house technology and tools they helped her to scale her business to now eight figures!

“Having digital brandz help me with my business was my first major breakthrough in the e-commerce field. Because of them, my business which I thought was already successful at 6 figures, scaled to 8 figures and I thank them so much for that!” – Premadonna commented. Thanks to Jacoby and Michaels determination, unique vision, and understanding of behavioural psychology, their strategies have now helped them to develop over 20,000 websites, helping over 20,000 people take their first step to financial freedom.

With their vigilance they have proudly produced millionaire brands such as,,,,,, and one of their most notable and a host of others. Primarily focusing on Marketing, Branding, Web development, and designing business models for new and existing entrepreneurs, the two owners decided to use their talents to help like minded individuals with the same goal:

Achieving financial freedom! In a recent interview with Jacoby also known as TheKoolestNerdEver we asked him what motivates him to push the business forward. “We strive daily to focus on helping clients improve the triple M method: Mindset, Marketing, and Money” He also revealed to us that they have now introduced a funding program for business owners who lack capital when trying to build their business. “With internet marketing being so competitive and having an easy barrier of entry the best way to stand out is by providing more value or spending more money than your competitors. We help our clients do both.” Digital Brandz is an established business all about results.

This firm uncovers who your target market is, consciously engaging with them using visual content, social media, and other tactics to drive traffic to your establishment through search, social media, retargeting ads and converting them into paying customers. Currently the company has an extremely talented team of coders, website designers, editors, content creators, etc. This team strives to produce the best designs, content, ads, and branding to take businesses to the next level.

Currently, most of their clientele are existing and inspiring african american women between the ages of 22-45. Their team focuses on intentional targeting including marketing to those that are: Social media savvy: voraciously active on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and even clubhouse! Business Minded: Looking to expand mentally, financially and socially Addicted to mobile: Those those document their food, check their Facebook status while waiting in line, tweet during every traffic disruption, etc Followers of popular pages.

As business thrives, Digital Brandz is looking to expand their market to help meet the expectations of all like minded individuals.

Though there are more than a handful of developmental start-up companies none are as experienced or successful as Digital Brandz. They pride themselves in not just creating websites, but in developing real businesses.

They don’t just provide their clients with a pretty website, they uncover who your market is and allow their creativity to flow with proven methods creating six and seven figure business.

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