Digital Twins in Supply Chain Automation


For supply chain management, certain things are key to success. Being able to predict supply chain fluctuation and dynamics, supply chain disruptions and recovery time are vital to creating an effective action plan.

A supply chain “Digital Twin” does exactly that.

In addition to providing up-to-the-minute statistics and supply chain snapshots it can also provide vital information about:

  • Chain dynamics
  • Broken links or bottlenecks
  • Changes and development testing
  • Risk contingency
  • Transportation and logistics flow
  • Optimizing inventory
  • Forecasting days/weeks ahead

A Digital Twin is different from a standard simulation model in that it goes into incredible detail. The Digital Twin provides macro information at any level or location you require.

From live information feeds to vehicle location to inventory levels in global warehouses, Digital Twin gives a more accurate and detailed overview.

Building a Digital Twin Supply Chain involves integration with current business systems, giving end users a window into real-time supply chain workings. This allows more accurate information to your clients and higher client retention as well as a highly effective supply chain flow.

The additional benefits of Digital Twin Supply Chains are many, including better competitiveness, productivity, staff retention, workplace morale, and profitability. These are made possible through the seamless integration with SalesForce, the #1 CRM program in the world.

About ketteQ:

ketteQ is dedicated to building a new paradigm for Supply Chain planning and operations. Built by experts in supply chain operations, finance, sales and marketing, no one understands the business challenges better. Built on Salesforce with strengths in security, scalability and configurability, ketteQ offers supply chain organizations extended capabilities to fill in the gaps left by legacy systems:

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