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Discovering a New Superpower in the Uplifting Song ‘Be My Hero’

IXO Music releases new wave song by pioneering songwriter/producer Anjalts

Los Angeles – Besides our typical comic book expectations, heroes have always played a vital role in reshaping our lives. We look for role models who embody these qualities of courage and a sense of morality that turns lost hopes into motivation. From an underground sound independently created by one American singer/songwriter, whose empowering lyrics from her latest song, ‘Be My Hero,’ reminds us of a superpower we already have – our own willpower.

Prolifically producing and writing her songs, Anjalts first appeared on the music front in 2020, launching several singles that eventually came together on her 15-song album project titled ‘Air to Fire,” an eco-conscious journey into the Amazon Rainforest addressing the deforestation and massive fires during that time. A place she once called home after growing up in Guyana, a Caribbean country where rainforests cover more than 87 percent of the land. The Amazon fires proved to be a turning point for the artist. “Voicing her indiscretion through music is what she can do, but is it enough?” Says Acen Sinclair, a studio engineer/manager at IXOmusic. “There is this conflict of interest in today’s expectations where artists do so many posts on social media and short fan vids and still release music is the standard today,” continues Sinclair. Then you have reclusive artists who write their own songs, immerse themselves entirely in their music rather than explaining their songs all day on social media, they just prefer to speak through their music,” adds Sinclair. Anjalts was barely out on the music scene when the rising star released her eco-conscious album ‘Air to Fire,’ that gathered over a million streams for one of the most reclusive artists on the planet and spoke volumes in the way her music reaches out to her listeners. An expanding group of dedicated ‘star fans,’ she calls them, has encircled the artist from the beginning.


The Amazonian singer/songwriter shines best in her latest release ‘Be My Hero.’ The compelling, passionate, upbeat energy of her electric guitars and poetic verse fuses elements of pop, new wave, and alternative rock layered underneath her signature velvety, ethereal multi-octave vocals. Anjalts explains writing ‘Be My Hero’ from a different viewpoint of recognizing the significance of becoming a hero is sometimes the person asking you to stand up for them. It takes willpower to ask, to show vulnerabilities, and let go of one’s ego. These choices are not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength.

“Be My Hero” follows up Anjalts’ previous hit single, “Code Blue,” and both will be on her upcoming second album project she is currently working on in the studio.

Listen to “Be My Hero” HERE


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