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The attention Richard Mille Miami has accumulated in the little time they’ve been established is incredible. Usually, for major swiss watch companies like Rolex, Patek Philippe, or Cartier, it takes tens of decades to achieve the level of success and popularity RM has in just under two decades. Richard Mille has defined what excellent watchmaking along with exclusivity is. 

Unlike its competitors, Richard Mille wanted to guarantee their customers were only elite members of society. With average watch retail going for $300,000-$800,000, excluding the outliers in the couple millions, Richard Mille only asks for what they truly believe their product is worth. 

As a company with many firsts, they believe someone can set the price on anything if they were the first ones to do it. For that reason, Richard Mille has aimed to perfect watch designs that had never before been seen. An example of this is their famous RM 56-02 Tourbillon Sapphire. 

Limited to only 10 pieces, this watch model features a perfect tourbillon automatic wind movement encased in a sapphire crystal case which allows wearers to admire a 360° view of the inner complication. Its works of art like these that allow Richard Mille to hold the standard it does today. 

RM030 Richard Mille | Surfside | Miami Beach | Fort Lauderdale | Naples

Many ask what is it about Richard Mille that makes them such a high-end luxury brand? While for many it’s their exclusiveness, true watch admirers know that it’s Richard Mille’s attention to detail which makes them so extraordinary. For several decades, automatic watches have run into problems with their rotor systems due to the self-winding feature overwinding and causing internal damage to the watch’s mechanism. 

With only a few years into the watch industry, Richard Mille was able to solve this stumbling block with its RM030 White Rush. With this watch, Richard Mille revolutionized the world of watchmaking. 

To avoid the overwinding of automatic rotors and the debris accumulation that happens over time when inserting a sliding flange, RM created the caliber RMAR Caliber RMAR1 automatic movement with an automatically declutching rotor. In English, this caliber included a self-winding movement with a powering rotor that releases once the 50-hour power reserve has been charged up. 

The rotor waits until the power reserve has dropped down to 40 hrs to start charging up again. This cycle continues to ensure the watch doesn’t overwind while never losing power. It is innovations like this that give Richard Mille the right to price their watches for several hundred thousand dollars. 

Richard Mille Models | Aventura | Bal Harbour | Bay Harbor Island

Nearly every single watch released by Richard Mille has an exclusivity close to impossible to become a part of. With almost every model being limited to less than 30 pieces. Since their first timepiece was released in 2001, the RM001 has been in demand all around the globe. Aside from their stunning designs and creative styles, Richard Mille has tailored every single timepiece with exquisite craftsmanship and intricate mechanisms that make them one of a kind. 

Unlike all other major watch brands, Richard Mille incorporates the designs of their watch dials into the movement. Rather than having a watch face cover the mechanism that runs a timepiece, Richard Mille finds ways to design the watch mechanism into a beautiful design that allows customers to admire the face of the watch while still looking into the pins and wheels that make the magic happen. 

A perfect example of this is the RM 52-01 Red Skull which features a golden skull crafted using watch movements. Like most others, this watch model was limited to only 21 pieces worldwide and could be purchased for 1.4 Million Dollars.

Used Richard Mille models Miami | Hollywood | Coral Gables | Brickell Ave | Sunny Isles Beach

Regardless of whether it’s pre-owned or fresh out the box, owning a Richard Mille watch is nothing less than a privilege. With low ends starting at around $85,000 and other watches surpassing the $2 million mark, if you can buy a timepiece that competes with automobiles and homes, you’ve made it. 

While some refuse to justify the purchasing of these watches, only the elite understand why these watches sell the way they do. While a Richard Mille dealer won’t ever release the identity of its customers, many celebrities including Kanye West, Pharell Williams, Kevin Hart, Chris Brown, Terry Cruz, and even Ed Sheeran are known to be part of these elite members of society. 

Of all watch brands in the world, it’s known that when one purchases a Richard Mille watch, it’s money in the bank! While other watch brands tend to have their watches devalue the second, they step out of the retailers, even used Richard Mille watches hold onto their value far more than all other watch brands. 

Gray and Sons Jewelers in Miami, Fl has been in the business of buying, selling, and even repairing used Richard Mille watches for over 40 years. When new customers buy a Richard Mille watch from Gray and Sons, they receive a $300 welcome discount along with a year warranty on the watch and a 10-day no questions asked return privilege.

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