Dk Insurance Super Visa Insurance for Parents and Grandparents Visiting Canada


The Super Visa Insurance came into effect in 2011 to reduce the backlog of sponsorship applications for Parents and Grandparents visiting their loved ones in Canada. Any parent or grandparent visiting Canada need to obtain their own private health-care insurance.

Dk Insurance, a leading Insurance provider has launched a campaign to make those people visiting Canada aware of the Super Visa. The Super Visa is required for those people looking to visit their children or grandchildren.

A lot of parents and grandparents wishing to visit their children and grandchildren are confused about the Super Visa, and for that reason DK Insurance has put some common questions together with the answers to help people be more aware.

Currently, those people visiting Canada can visit for up to six months, but for those people wishing to stay longer they will need to apply for an extension and then-pay a new fee. Using the Super Visa, parents and grandparents can visit their family for up two years.

There are different requirements for a Super Visa. DK Insurance who provides people wishing to visit Canada gain cheap Super Visa quotes has listed the full requirements on their website ( It is important to visit the DK Insurance website to become more familiar with those requirements.

Here are the most common questions about the Canadian Super Visa

Is it mandatory to purchase insurance before Parents and grandparents land in Canada?

Yes. Parents and grandchildren need to purchase insurance under the Super Visa category.

Can an insurance policy be bought for just 3 months to qualify under Super visa Category?

The answer is no. A person wishing to visit Canada to see their children or grandchildren must purchase at least a year’s insurance.

Can the insurance be purchased online?

Yes. Those looking to purchase the insurance can visit the DK Insurance website (

How much health insurance must I have when visiting Canada on a Super Visa?

It is a requirement by the Canadian Government that anyone visiting on a Super Visa must have $100,000 in health coverage.

DK Insurance has become a leader in their field. For those people wishing to learn more about the Super Visa, and to receive the best quote possible, please visit


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