Portmore, Jamaica. A few weeks ago, a group of men fed a live black Labrador to a giant crocodile and recorded it while laughing at the terrifying cries of the poor animal. It could be seen in the video that the dog was tied at the bank of a lake, and the crocodile was being cheered by this group of men to come and tear apart this helpless dog. The location, time, and the conversation of these murderers can easily navigate investigation in the right direction. One of the suspects who is being called by his fellows in the video is Ryan. After the video came to the surface, there has been a lot of criticism geared up to local police for not doing enough. Hard to watch but here is the link to the video:

US Ambassador Donald Tapia has responded to this inhuman act by offering a $5000 reward to anyone who can help identify these criminals.

So far, the video has provided enough substance like the conversation of the culprits establishing the fact that they are grown men, and not teenagers, most importantly the name, of one of them which is being echoed is Ryan and he has no front teeth. Additionally, some people have also reported that this black Labrador was missing from someone’s backyard. While some officials have raised their concerns over this horrific act and showed commitment to deal with these criminals heavy-handedly, the world community demands concrete efforts and action.

Local police now have enough information to make an arrest, but they keep on showcasing their traditional behaviors, saying: “stay out of the police business.” This is simply unacceptable. Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness, along with the US Ambassador, Donald Tapia, have both been contacted to help supervise the investigation.

 Jamaica is considered a favorite vacation spot for many, but after such dreadful acts like this, things may change. A few other horrific stories have also surfaced like the sight of a human foot in a crocodile’s mouth, in Greater Portmore Sewage Pond, the very same crocodile-filled pond where this dog was murdered. Is this a clue to where many missing persons may have ended? Who is Ryan? Many international tourists are now most likely to consider the cancellation of their trip to Jamaica. The world demands justice, and is looking forward to an official response from the Prime Minister Andrew Holness.