Portmore, Jamaica: As I watched the news and saw this beautiful black labrador that you and your friends tied to a rope and fed to a giant crocodile while laughing, my blood froze. His terrifying cries carried a weight that hurt my soul in ways no words can describe. In this video, I heard your friend calling your name “Ryan”. When I realized the depth of your wickedness and the darkness of your soul, I just wished that you and your friends were the ones who fell into this pond on that day. Had you and your friends fell in that pond, the world would be a better place.

”Ryan”, we did not need to see your face to tell your age, we already know that you are a grown man, that you have no teeth and that you live in Portmore, so please be patient with the Police, your day will come and you will walk the infamous walk of shame. You see “Ryan”, everything you do in this world has a meaning, the energy that you send in the universe is the same one that you are calling upon your own life.   No need to call LA Lewis or “Snake Eye”, they won’t be able to help in your case, no Obeah and no guard ring is going to protect you from what is coming your way. I just thought I’d let you know. The US Ambassador Donald Tapia even bet  $5000 US dollars on your head, and he does not look like the kind of man who likes loosing money, does he? Even the Honorable Andrew Holness has heard about your case and been asked to intervene in the investigation.

So please be patient while the police is working on your case, COVID 19 may have slowed things down but I got great news for you “Ryan”, let me reassure you for a second:  you will get arrested. As a matter of fact, you should pray that the police finds you first, because what will happen to you in prison is probably sweeter than what will happen when God’s wrath strikes you if you try to get away with it. So pack your bag “Ryan”, you’re going on a long-term vacation.  I have attached a picture of your new upcoming residence, I know it may not be quite what you’re expecting but I hope you like it because they made this suite just for you and your friends.

I know that you can feel something is in the air right now, can’t you “Ryan”?  I know… I feel it too.  Bob Marley said it best “There’s Natural Mystic Blowing Through The air”…. And this time, it has your name on it and it won’t stop until it does what it is called to do.  Just like “Magic”… The perfect Alchemy is slowly emerging.


So… May you no longer know peace, may you no longer know love, may you no longer know joy,  and may total destruction come upon you wherever you are. God knows who you are “Ryan”, and you will soon learn that He will not be mocked. For all the evil that you and your friends did, may you be forever cursed. 


This precious and innocent creature that you murdered was an angel, a gift from God to the world. This dog is now crying out for justice from the other side and we are his voice.  “There’s Natural Mystic Blowing Through The air”….  “Ryan”… “Ryan”… “Ryan”…