After watching a horrific video on social media, where criminals tied a black Labrador to a rope and fed him live to a giant crocodile while laughing, the whole world had their eyes on Jamaica. The world is asking some serious questions: how can a such beautiful tourist island with such kind and welcoming people witness such cruelty without making an arrest for such a heinous crime a priority? The US Ambassador in Jamaica, Donald Tapia has stepped up and offered a $5,000 reward to whoever comes forward and provides information that could lead to an arrest.

Although the police investigation hasn’t been made public, some information has been leaked such as the information from a person who revealed to the police that this same black Labrador was missing from a specific backyard in Portmore. This person asked for police protection due to potential retaliation for coming forward with information.
We also know that the culprits are men, and the name of the man holding the dog on the leash is “Ryan” and he has missing front teeth or no teeth at all. This can all be heard on the video these criminals posted online. Such clues lead us to believe that drugs such as crack cocaine may have been involved and if so, the police may already have those involved on file from previous arrests and investigations. To our surprise, the police still haven’t made any arrests as yet.

A group of US and UK citizens came together and decided to do something about it. They wrote to the Prime Minister, Andrew Holness’ office to ask for their support in the investigation. We are happy to announce that the Prime Minister’s office has replied.

The Honorable Lester Michael Henry just announced that he will be personally looking into this investigation and that he will provide us with an update shortly. This is a relief for many travellers who are waiting for the outcome of the investigation before making a decision to travel to Jamaica. We are truly encouraged by this announcement as it shows that Jamaican authorities are taking this case seriously and we praise the efforts of the Honorable Lester Michael Henry, to bring justice in this case.

Updates on the case will be posted publicly as soon as they are available.