Dr. Artika Tyner Named a Winner in the Living Now Book Awards Competition


St. Paul, MN – Aug 30, 2021 – Dr. Artika Tyner has received a bronze award in the Living Now Book Awards competition. She received the award in the category of social activism/charity for her book “The Inclusive Leader: Taking Intentional Action for Justice and Equity,” published by the American Bar Association.

The Living Now Book Awards was launched in Aug. 2008 by IndependentPublisher.com and Jenkins Group. The awards are designed to recognize the best lifestyle books and their creators. They’re a celebration of the author’s innovation, creativity, the book’s ability to enrich the lives of readers, and the power to promote global sustainability. Awards are presented in 26 categories. A new Evergreen category was added in 2000 for contributions toward positive global change.

Tyner’s book is available at the Planting People Growing Justice™ bookstore. The book includes a foreword written by Miguel Ramos, Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion Strategy for the Minnesota Twins baseball team.

The author covers the four essential stages of being an inclusive leader – intrapersonal, interpersonal, organizational, and societal changes. She provides readers with her benchmark Leadership Framework for Action™ that exemplifies the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

The book outlines a framework for diversity, equity, and inclusion for anyone seeking guidance. Tyner provides readers with an in-depth look at the qualities exhibited by an inclusive leader. She provides practical methods, actionable items, and tools that can be utilized in a variety of environments to further the goal of DEI.

“The Inclusive Leader: Taking Intentional Action for Justice and Equity” sets the bar for inclusive leadership, as evidenced by her Living Now Book Award. DEI is critical for arriving at solutions that meet the business, economic and social challenges of today and well into the future. Tyner provides a blueprint for success that fosters honest discussions and addresses implicit and unconscious bias.

About Dr. Artika Tyner

Dr. Artika Tyner is a passionate educator, author, and advocate for justice. An engaging speaker and dynamic presenter on leadership, civil rights, diversity, and social justice topics, Dr. Tyner has helped audiences and organizations across the globe gain new tools for leading social change. Her goal is to teach, educate and inspire.

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