HOUSTON, TEXAS (June 24, 2020) – As COVID-19 continues to rise globally so does the need for support. Families all over the world have been suffering from months of inconsistent income and lack of necessary supplies. As people are coming together to render aid wherever they can, a group of highly regarded sports professionals decided to team up to impact as many people as possible throughout the country of Nigeria.


Lead by the first African Summer & Winter Olympian, Dr. Seun Adigun, DC, the “Dr. Seun Cares” initiative aims to give back to the community and serve the under-represented populations around the world. The chiropractor & biomechanist, recently launched the COVID-19 Relief where she enlisted in several other professional sportsmen of Nigerian decent, or connected to Nigeria, to render aid. Together they have agreed to feed 1000 families throughout the country of Nigeria.


“So many of my friends in the diaspora are constantly looking for opportunities and are ready to assist wherever they can in Nigeria”, says Dr. Seun. “We are in a position of privilege not just with our resources, but also with our platforms. All it takes is for a few people of influence to come together and agree to make a change and the domino effect ensues.”


The Dr. Seun Cares COVID-19 Relief aims to feed 100 families in 10 different Nigerian states covering the 6 geopolitical zones of the country to ensure inclusion. The vision of this initiative states that “the current climate of the world needs more people who are willing to execute change, and it starts with one act. It may not be substantial as an isolated action, but when enough people start to join in and play their part, the overall effect is magnified. Together we are stronger.”


Many prominent sports figures will join Dr. Seun to help feed families including the following individuals:

  • Wande Olabisi – Former MLB player for the San Diego Padres and first Nigerian professional baseball player
  • Nneka Ogwumike – WNBA Champion, 2016 WNBA, MVP and current basketball player for the Los Angeles Sparks. Ogwumike currently serves as the President of the WNBA Players association.


  • TJ Adeshola – Head of US Sports at Twitter
  • Larry “The Natural” Ekundayo – Professional Welterweight Boxer
  • Ola Adeniyi – Current NFL outside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Tayo Adesanya – Former high jumper and basketball player for Team Nigeria, and owner of Agbara Life.
  • Umar “Top Boxer” Sadiq – Professional Super-Middleweight boxer
  • Amobi Okoye – Former NFL player for the Houston Texans and Chicago Bears. Founder of the Amobi Okoye Foundation.


The Bobsled & Skeleton Federation of Nigeria, Inc a 501(c)3 non-profit has partnered with the Dr. Seun Cares COVID-19 Relief initiative to help drive momentum behind donations and corporate matches. 100% of funds raised for this initiative will be donated to feeding families in Nigeria.

“This is how we truly activate change,” Dr. Seun continues. “We can’t do everything at once – it’s going to take time; but we have to start somewhere. The first place to start is by thinking about one another regardless of gender, race, tribe, religion, etc. That type of unity does not succumb to division or unnecessary biases. It operates with one goal in mind – to create a better quality of life for all.”


Follow their journey by using Instagram hashtags #Feed1000 and #CaresTribe. To donate and join this initiative visit www.seunadigun.com. There you will find several resources and up-to-date details.