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Mark Thomson, drone enthusiast and founder of Dronedirectshop, understands the allure and fun inherent in drone technology. Once known as a hobby for the wealthy, Dronedirectshop is changing that dynamic. The company is a leading provider of high-quality drones at affordable prices and the world’s largest leading expert for obtaining the trendiest items in a single location. “Coming from a background where money is limited, my promise is to deliver you the absolute best deals,” said Thomson.

Dronedirectshop has a drone or quadcopter for individuals at any level of experience and for any desire. Multiple model styles and configurations are available. Fans can choose from mini drones for professional photography that incorporate obstacle avoidance systems to those with 4K HD dual cameras and models that utilize 5G Wi-Fi transmission.

“Our mission is to provide enjoyable moments to all drone enthusiasts,” said Thomson. “We believe it’s possible to provide an affordable, high-quality product by cutting the middleman. We have established partnerships with manufacturers that deliver trendy A-Grade products within one month to our customers, with tracking.”

The most advanced drones available at Dronedirectshop are highlighted by functionalities ranging from GPS positioning to folding designs for easy transport into any environment. Individuals can select from multi-function drones with smart-follow and gesture video functionalities, dual cameras and zoom lens, and MV production and split screen capabilities.

Drones are multi-faceted constructs and the products at Dronedirectshop are being utilized for a myriad of purposes. The company’s drones are appropriate for social media influencers, wildlife observations, and photographers, along with video and indie film making. They’re equally applicable as an aid in community search and rescue operations, locating lost pets, and recording footage for special events.

“We work around the clock to find, create, manufacture, and ship you the most innovative products,” said Thomson. “This way you know you are guaranteed to have the coolest things money can buy without spending days researching on your own.”

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