E-commerce rebound widely due to the COVID-19 pandemic


COVID-19 has massively accelerated the growth of E-commerce


talentsroot, the first Middle East online freelance platform has witnessed a growth in sales of more than 287% during the COVID-19 pandemic



August, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Despite the current global crisis due to the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on various sectors, many organizations have benefited from the implications of the coronavirus such as Amazon, Noon, Zoom and talentsroot. With the increasing trend on the online services and e-commerce, self-employment has also been rising. It is expected to see significant growth in businesses that rely on self-employment because many people are losing their jobs. Also, side businesses and freelance activities have become a favorable and growing source of additional income.


The growing number of freelancers at talentsroot platform was noticed after coronavirus has emerged, as the growth rate reached to more than 328% compared to the period before coronavirus. Moreover, talentsroot witnessed a growth rate reached to more than 400% from entrepreneurs and companies that are looking for services for their businesses. The number of completed orders from business leaders and companies has increased to exceed 354%, with an increase of sales exceeding 287%, which indicates that freelancing has become the gateway to success for all entrepreneurs and companies. The availability of distinctive features supporting Arabic and English languages, voice messaging service and instant chat make talentsroot one of the top Arab and international platforms.


To this effect, Mohanad Alwadiya, a.k.a. The Wolf of Real Estate, announced that he invested in the rapidly growing talentsroot platform acquiring a sizable 20% share of the leading online freelance services marketplace. Alwadiya is a serial investor and has vast experience in the real estate sector, which made him the most sough-after industry influencer in the region, and was listed among the 100 most successful business personalities in the UAE. Commenting on this transaction, Mohanad Alwadiya said, ” The best investment on earth is to invest in promising companies at the right time and place. I’m happy with my investment in talentsroot; it is the leading online freelance services marketplace and it has a very promising future. Digital marketplaces have witnessed outstanding growth during 2020 and are expected to keep growing in the future due to the changes that Covid 19 forced on the world.


He added, “I believe in monetizing experiences and skills to create additional sources of income to secure our future and the future of our beloved ones. The current situation presented a golden opportunity not only to add additional sources of income, but also to create a sustainable way of living that leads to financial freedom. talentsroot is a very unique online marketplace that helps individuals to monetize their talents and experience in any field, as it offers opportunities for business owners that are keen on optimizing their company expenses without any compromise on quality.”


The concept of talentsroot platform originated from the satisfied freelancers who earn money instead of working as full time employees in specific companies. Job satisfaction leads to a better balance between the professional work and personal life. Also, freelancing increases productivity and saves time and effort.


talentsroot helps ambitious individuals to monetize their talents and experience in any field. It also offers a unique opportunity for any business owner that is keen on optimizing his company expenses without any compromise on quality.


talentsroot is an online freelance services marketplace for businesses and individuals who are searching for freelance services online can find sellers using their talents to earn cash. talentsroot aims to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with a platform to leverage a variety of freelancers to find the talent that matches their budget. By using the talentsroot platform, freelancers can post their skills for the benefit of buyers. talentsroot offer buyers a range of categories that include IT Development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Business and Entrepreneurship, Writing and Translation, Video and Animation and Music and Audio.


talentsroot ensures that buyers receive the quality work they are looking for and that sellers are paid for their work promptly. By guaranteeing the funds before every transaction, and holding those funds until buyers are 100% satisfied with the quality of their work, it ensures that both buyers and sellers enjoy a smooth operation free from any fraud or unethical business practices.


talentsroot’s goal is to help talented freelancers around the world to create additional sources of income by constantly perfecting its central marketplace where buyers and sellers come together.