Eikyo – The Influencer Platform For Nano And Micro Creators



London, United Kingdom14 July 2020EIKYŌ is launching the first influencer marketplace for brands to connect with Nano and Micro creators.

“Nano and micro creators are being overlooked by most platforms even though researches show that they generate the most engagements,” said Ruth Nene, Founder and CEO of EIKYŌ.

Access to creators from all social networks

The major social platforms such as YouTube and TikTok requires creators to have a minimum of 20k+ followers or receive an exclusive invitation to join, EIKYŌ has no such restrictions. EIKYŌ is working with over 125 creators and brands in private beta to ensure that the platform meets the requirements of its users. EIKYŌ, www.eikyo.me, works across all the major social networks such as TikTok, YouTube, Minecraft, Facebook, Instagram, and many others. The application allows brands to reach creators from multiple platforms from a single interface. “Brands have seen their engagement increase by multiple folds,” said Armel Nene, Co-CEO, EIKYŌ. “Working with nano and micro creators on EIKYŌ have made negotiations smoother and faster”.


EIKYŌ will soft-launch in August 2020, with a full launch planned for November 2020.

EIKYŌ is currently fundraising, and they are inviting investors of all sizes to get in touch.



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