Electric Marketing Group Helps Electricians Gain More Service calls By Deploying Google Local Service ads, PPC, & SEO

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Home service contractors are being helped to increase their customer base and revenue thanks to Electric Marketing Group and their digital marketing services.

A digital marketing company has today announced they have launched a service to help electricians and home services contractors gain new customers. Electric Marketing Group who has become a leader in their field is helping small business owners increase their customer base and revenue through Google Local Service ads, PPC, & SEO.

The digital marketing service is set to transform the way home service contractors including plumbers & HVAC companies gain new customers. As well as increasing this sector’s customer base, it will also reduce their advertising spend and improve ROI.

Electric Marketing Group will be using their knowledge and expertise in Google Local Service ads, PPC, & SEO to drive traffic to electricians and home services contractors’ websites. This proven technique has already helped many other sectors to become more successful with some rapidly expanding.

The digital marketing service will be a vital tool for home contractors who have suffered thanks to the COVID19 pandemic. Many contractors have found themselves struggling to survive, with some being forced to move or reduce their advertising budget to stay afloat. One thing the pandemic has shown various sectors in the USA is how much money is being wasted on marketing without any real results. Electric Marketing Group aims to change that.

Although Newspapers are a critical part of the American news landscape, in recent years they have been hit hard with the reduction of newspaper sales. As well as fewer people buying newspapers thanks to more news freely available online, newspapers have seen their advertising revenue reduce. That is down to more people marketing their services online and achieving better results.

“Marketing services and brands online is more cost-effective than advertising in printed publications. As well as it being more cost-effective, digital advertising is more successful,” explained a spokesman for Electric Marketing Group.

More than 312.32 million have access to the internet via a computer or a mobile device according to official figures in 2019. 90% of those users admitted they use the internet on a regular basis. 230.5 million people each year buy products and services online. Consumers spend $861.12 billion online on products and services, which shows how important the internet is for businesses of all sizes.

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