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Emancip8 Project Launches the Young Leaders Grant Program to Empower Future Change-Makers

(Washington, D.C. 5/15/2023) The Emancip8 Project is excited to announce the launch of the Young Leaders Grant program, an initiative aimed at inspiring and empowering young leaders from all genders across the globe to make a lasting impact on the world.

Empowering Enrollees and Fostering Inclusivity

By partnering with NGOs, academic institutions, and peace-building programs, we provide free education and training opportunities for teens and young adults in the United States, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Our diverse course offerings include:

  • Congressional/Parliamentary Communications
  • Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking
  • International Business Development
  • Executive Management
  • International Government Relations
  • Peacebuilding Program Leadership
  • Startups and Entrepreneurship
  • Social Impact and Sustainability Program Management

Transforming Lives and Creating Opportunities

The Emancip8 Project Young Leaders Grant Program not only provides educational opportunities but also opens the door to real-world experience. Enrollees who excel in their coursework and internship training have the opportunity to launch programs and projects underwritten by the Emancip8 Project.

These initiatives are funded through grants made possible by the generosity of affiliated corporate social responsibility and social impact programs at companies and NGOs worldwide.

For more information about the Emancip8 Project’s Young Leaders Grant Program, please visit the Emancip8 Project Website.

About the Emancip8 Project

The Emancip8 Project 501c3 is a visionary international organization championing gender equality, cultivating peace, uplifting communities, and revolutionizing lives in developing economies, disenfranchised, and conflict-ridden regions across the globe. Through our cutting-edge programs and unwavering commitment, we tackle the root causes of conflict and gender inequality and pave the way for a radiant, more inclusive future for everyone.


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