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Empowered By Disadvantages: “Reshaping How People Perceive Adversity”

A transformative tome penned by three remarkable voices reveals the path to harnessing adversity and cultivating empowerment.

This autumn, a narrative unlike any other will debut, profoundly impacting readers. “Empowered By Disadvantages: Critical Thinking & Action Plan, 2nd Edition,” crafted meticulously by the influential trio of Lisa Ward, Olivia Tishaee, and Jamil Bey, offers not just their compelling tales but a guide on reframing and conquering life’s toughest challenges.

The Dynamic Trio: From Trials to Triumphs

Lisa Ward, Olivia Tishaee, and Jamil Bey: their combined credentials span motivational speaking, mentoring, and entrepreneurship, but it’s their personal battles with daunting challenges, ranging from peer pressure to learning disabilities, that deeply resonate. Their joint mission? To uplift, inspire, and redefine our understanding of adversity.

The Heart of the Book:

At its core, “Empowered By Disadvantages” advocates for a radical shift in perspective: to see the hidden strengths within our struggles. The compelling cover, with its cityscapes and projects, symbolizes a message for every individual feeling stifled by societal boundaries — there’s immense power within, waiting to be discovered.

Voices Behind the Words:

Olivia admits, “The journey was an emotional roller coaster, reopening wounds I had long sealed. Yet, it’s my hope that this truth connects deeply with our readers.”

Jamil, on the other hand, grappled with a different challenge, sharing, “Transitioning to an author’s mindset was daunting. Laying out my tribulations for the world felt surreal, but realizing that my story could empower even a single soul transformed my apprehensions into a driving force.”


For Lisa, the visionary behind this collective endeavor, the search for co-authors who could genuinely connect with the essence of unearthing value in adversity was paramount. With Olivia and Jamil, she found not just writers, but kindred spirits, who brought her vision to life with unwavering passion.

On the inspiration front, a divine calling coupled with Lisa’s personal journey of feeling voiceless and marginalized propelled her to create this masterpiece. “The driving force was two-fold: a higher calling and a desire to arm the next generation with tools to see beyond their immediate circumstances,” she shares.

Join the Odyssey: Book Launch & Signings

Set your reminders for September 30, 2023, as the “Empowered By Disadvantages: Critical Thinking & Action Plan, 2nd Edition” is released on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Beyond the pages, the authors are set to engage in enlightening dialogues at their upcoming book signings:

Oct 7, 2023: Barnes & Noble, 3535 US Hway-1, Princeton NJ, 12-4pm.

Oct 14, 2023: Exton PA, 1-5pm.

Oct 22, 2023: Christiana Mall, Newark DE, 2-4pm.

TBA: Mejah Book Store, Claymont DE, 4:30pm.

Feb 10, 2024: Barnes & Noble, 2516 at Solomons Island Road, Annapolis, MD, 12-3pm

A New Dawn of Empowerment:

“Empowered By Disadvantages” isn’t just ink on paper; it’s a transformative movement. Let Lisa, Olivia, and Jamil be your guides in this monumental shift, where challenges become stepping stones. Rise, rediscover, and redefine your strength.

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Company Name: Humble Doc Publishing/Avodgy
Contact Person: Lisa Ward
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Country: United States


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