Encantadora Mexican Spirits joins the ranks of women-owned business in the United States through certification by The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)


(Miami, Florida)— In a time where female empowerment shines at the forefront of many a subject matter, Encantadora Mexican Spirits is pleased to announce their certification by The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). WBENC is the largest and leading certifier of women-owned businesses in the U.S. and remains amongst the top advocates for women entrepreneurs and business owners. With a motto that is deeply rooted in the belief that diversity promotes innovation, thus opening doors, WBENC provides the most trusted certification standard for women-owned business, providing them with the tools needed to succeed and in turn, fuel the economy. The certification of these businesses acts as a nod to their importance, innovation and ability to affect economic growth on a global scale. Encantadora Mexican Spirits is proud to have been acknowledged by such a trailblazing entity that has taken part in the growth and success of women-owned businesses for over two decades. Since 1997, WBENC has been validating businesses at least 51 percent owned, controlled, operated and managed by a woman or women. By providing resources and support, businesses like Encantadora Mexican Spirits, owned and operated by Alexa Iacovelli, have the tools to address the challenges many women face in building and growing a business. Encantadora Mexican Spirits is proud to join the ranks of women and women-owned businesses that form part of such a respected group of perpetually supported entities. 


Contact : Jilian Sanz, Jilian@encantadora.com


About the Founder 

 An enchantress in her own right, Alexa Iacovelli always had a way about her. People were drawn to her innate understanding of what she wanted and her matter-of-fact approach to making sure it got done. An arbiter of taste with a savvy business mind she quickly understood why her search for tequilas and mezcals that she enjoyed was often composed of struggled exercises in trial and error. Mainly error.


 After realizing how many tequila and mezcal bottles she had hidden in suitcases, stashed on boats, and shipped to destinations across the globe because of a void in selection available on her extensive travels, she realized there was a serious deficiency in the market, despite the presence of thousands of brands worldwide. This lack of availability of truly premium products was a problem she was more than excited to remedy. She wouldn’t stop until she could create products that met her standards. Enter: Encantadora.


To really rise to the proverbial occasion, Encantadora had to be everything Alexa demanded of, well, everything. It had to be well made. Authenticity had to sit at the center of the creation process—no funny business. And it had to be innovative; forging new implementations of what was already a natural delight. There was no space for falling short. From a lifetime spent immersed in travel, the world over, she had a clear understanding of what made something great. What she didn’t quite understand was why everybody didn’t insist their brand live in that greatness. So the ex-Executive Vice President of her family’s manufacturing companies set out to manufacture some products of her own.


She knew that in the saturated liquor industry there was no room for additional ordinary products, and was intrigued by the challenge of disrupting the monotonous marketplace by pushing the boundaries of industry norms. Clearly whatever was being done before wasn’t cutting it; so she set out to do it better, creating entirely innovative processes for distilling that would shatter the ceiling of previous production standards. All in the name of greatness, as always. 


She put her knowledge of formula design to use and came up with a line of products that would shake up the spirits market with offerings that were quite literally enchanting.  She spent extensive time in Mexico at the tequila and mezcal distilleries, ensuring personally that the authenticity was there. Within a year she had developed six, groundbreaking formulas of the highest level of quality and taste, using processes that were unexplored, and some of which had never been implemented before. Each product is unrivaled in its category; completely innovative, yet 100% authentic. 


She chose the siren logo to symbolize the Encantadora (Enchantress), the perfect personification of the temptation, seduction, and rebellion her products elicit. And so the company was established and the brand vision was formed; ultra-premium mexican spirits made to fascinate and appease the avant-garde consumer.


About the Company 

Encantadora brings to market a new line of authentic, innovative and ultra-premium Mexican spirits unlike anything else ever offered in the alcohol beverage industry; focusing specifically on tequila and mezcal. Encantadora will officially launch in January 2020 in Miami, FL, and will then consecutively launch in Los Angeles, New York City, and Dallas. 


They have brought to life more health-conscious alternatives of their favorite spirits, while maintaining the highest quality, and creating new sophisticated flavor profiles. Their products stand alone based on taste and quality, but are also wholesome, functional, and exciting for the consumer; the product line speaks for itself.

Cristalino tequilas have been one of the fastest growing categories of tequila over the past few years, and Encantadora will be the first to bring a cristalino mezcal to market. As the only player in the game and the first to market, they own the cristalino mezcal category. 


Their Blanco Electrolítico, Joven Cristalino Electrolítico, and Ultra-Añejo Electrolítico tequilas are the first ever spirits infused with electrolytes. In the Cristalino Electrolítico, they remove some components that can be attributed to causing hangovers and bloating, along with the color, through the use of a patent pending four-stage charcoal filtration technology. 

Their Cafe Fino is the only coffee tequila that contains caffeine and no added sugar, calories, or artificial milk products, using only natural stevia and espresso. They  have also created a matcha mezcal with an insanely smooth espadin base – a sugar free antioxidant blend that’s guilt free.


About the Products 

Encantadora provides ultra-premium Mexican spirits, produced through groundbreaking uses of physics and chemistry, to provide consumers with products that are completely innovative, yet 100%  authentic. They don’t add any artificial ingredients, because the exceptional quality allows the products to stand on their own. 


Encantadora’s 100% Maguey mezcals come from San Juan del Rio, located 1,100 meters above sea level. They are milled traditionally by tahona, cooked in underground ovens with wood and volcanic stones, fermented in cypress tubs, and are distilled in copper stills by master Isaías Martinez.  


Encantadora’s tequilas are produced from 100% Blue Weber Agave in the highlands of Jalisco, giving them a very exotic flavor profile unlike the majority of tequilas which are produced in the lowlands. 

The team at Encantadora was lucky enough to come across a man who has dedicated his life to studying one element, carbon, and who because of his incredibly narrow concentration is an expert in charcoal filtration. He has created a new way to filter liquors to cristalino which preserve the authenticity of the spirits, and his technology is currently patent-pending. This filtration system allows Encantadora to produce their incredibly complex and refined spirits by separating their tequilas and mezcals into sections based on molecular size, at which point they selectively remove specific sections they don’t think complement the profile they are looking to attain. 


In the case of their two cristalino products, they remove only the color, and then combine the remaining sections, allowing them to preserve  the original tastes and aromas picked up in the barrel-aging process. This is a stark contrast from other cristalino tequilas on the market, which use the same single-stage filtration to remove the color. The problem with this filtration is that the process is much harsher, and it strips the mixture of most of the pleasant tastes and aromas, which have to be artificially added afterwards.

Contact : Jilian Sanz, Jilian@encantadora.com