Eric Vanshelboim Records An Astounding Success At The M15 Anning Event In China


Being an excellent tennis player, the seventeen-years-old Eric Vanshelboim has always been persistent and optimistic. He is of the belief that he would come out with flying colors in every tournament he participates in.  This time around, Eric emerged the champion in the inaugural M15 professional tournament which took place in Anning, China. Although from his tender age, Eric has been identified as someone who may one day take the world by surprise when it comes to tennis sport; hence his recent victory at the Anning event did not shock too many people.

In just his second professional tournament played in Anning, China in early January 2019, Eric managed to win the trophy even though he got admitted to the tournament only by way of special exemption due to his high junior ranking. He played vigorously and was able to beat all five of his much higher-ranked opponents with his dexterity and resilience. Due to his experience and unrivaled tennis skills, Eric was able to rist to a variety of challenges in the Anning tournament. This stunning victory was one of the main reasons that led to his selection to join the Ukrainian team for the Davis Cup match against Hungary later in 2019.

The Anning tournament was a sporting event that was duly organized by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and was aimed at ensuring that best tennis talents are really discovered. ITF has three main categories: Men’s World Tennis Tour, Women’s World Tennis Tour and Junior’s World Tennis Tour. Eric was able to participate in the Junior’s World Tennis Tour opening week for nothing but being a very successful high junior ranking lawn tennis player.

While announcing the success of Eric in the tournament he participated and won, ITF press release read thus: “Following completion of the opening week of the 2019 season, this is a short note on behalf of the team at the ITF to congratulate you on your singles success at the M15 Anning event. We are very pleased that you were able to benefit from a Junior Reserved place to gain direct acceptance into the main draw and that you made the most of this opportunity by going on to win the singles title.  Very well done on your great start to the year and we wish you every success in future tournaments.”

Currently, Eric Vanshelboim remains the indefatigable champion in the Junior’s World Tennis Tour as he became one of very few juniors who won a professional tournament at just 17. Unlike many other young athletes, Eric is focused and always looks for ways to improve his tennis skills by going through intense training every day. Furthermore, for his love for his country, Eric always believes he would have a chance one day to participate in the Olympics and win gold for his country.

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