Ernesto Weisburg’s Unique Career as a Private Investigator and Minister


Ernesto Weisburg is no ordinary man. Both a minister and private investigator, he has had a unique career that few people can claim to have experienced. To add to the intrigue, Weisburg is on his way to expanding his private investigation business and even opening a church in the future.

So, what are the advantages of combining disciplines? Why did Ernesto Weisburg choose to become a private investigator, and later a minister as well?

The educator Ernest Boyer once said, “The future belongs to integrators.” That is to say, people who integrate multiple specializations and interests are more likely to become successful.

Ernesto Weisburg is the perfect example of this case.

In today’s interview, we discuss Ernesto Weisburg’s interesting career path and his motivation behind pursuing a career in both private investigation and as a minister.

“It all happened when I was 21 years old,” says Weisburg.

“I saw an ad in the New York times of a man wearing a suit and holding a gun, and I thought – wow that’s interesting. I am interested in this.”

Weisburg was just a young man, but he would eventually go on to learn about the private investigation business in greater detail and some of the factors that go into being a private investigator. He would then enroll in the school and later obtain his private investigator license.

“In short, it’s not easy,” says Weisburg.

“You can spend hours looking at one spot and waiting for someone to come out. You can’t look the other way for even a moment. Turn your head and your target may be gone.”

Weisburg says this can lead to you waiting in one spot for several hours during a stakeout.

The truth is that private investigation is not for the faint of heart or the impatient.

So, what led Weisburg to become a minister?

During his career as a private investigator, Weisburg was studying religion and he found himself puzzled about why there happened to be so many different religions. Each of them comes with different beliefs and viewpoints, and Weisburg found this fascinating. He also enjoyed helping people and wanted to share religion with his community.

At this time, Weisburg decided to conduct a search online and came across CCU Colorado Christian University. He gave them a call and expressed his interest in their Master of Divinity program.

The University asked to look at his academic record and transcript and decided to admit him to the school. Weisburg had a Bachelor’s (BS) in Criminal Justice at the time.

In short, the school accepted him for the Master of Divinity program and it wasn’t long before Weisburg graduated and obtained his Minister’s license.

Now, Weisburg spends his time as a private investigator and as a minister. He works on private investigation contracts that he enjoys and devotes all of his spare time to volunteering at churches.

“I want to give God as much of my time as possible,” says Weisburg.

Weisburg has ambitions to open a church of his own someday. He also wants to open multiple private investigation agencies with their own unique specializations.

Ernesto Weisburg has had a fulfilling and rewarding career. He says his career has introduced him to new people and cultures and that he had a lot of fun in the process.

“Hopefully god will help me achieve most of my dreams,” says Weisburg.

“So far, I am more than halfway, but in the meantime, I’m going to keep praying,”

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