Estabild delivers versatile construction project management software to track costs, schedules, cash flow, and development risks in one simple platform


All-in-one construction tracking software completely changes the way projects are done

April 4, 2021; Stockholm, Sweden – A new construction project management software has been launched that helps those in the construction industry easily manage any sized construction project. Estabild has been credited for helping project managers to save time and money, and to keep a close eye on the finances and the time scale of a project.

Managing a construction project is difficult and even the most seasoned individuals can find it hard to keep track of everything that occurs on- and off-site.

Now, project managers have an all-in-one construction tracking software tool available that changes the way in which projects are completed. Estabild is a versatile construction project management software platform that tracks costs, schedules, cash flow, and development risks in one central place.

The construction planning software makes the management of projects easier than ever. The platform’s central database conveniently organizes and traces a project’s progress. Using the universal project tracking tool, metrics are traced to ensure performance accountability.

Estabild revolutionizes the construction industry. It also gives project managers more control over each construction assignment. Now, less time can be spent on creating manual reports and investors can quickly identify issues with a project to take action to correct any problems. The construction project management software sends progress updates which are triggered by an automated notification system, allowing stakeholders when progress has taken place.

A spokesman for Estabild explained more about the software, “Our software can help save up to 80% of the monitoring costs and gain up to 85% in time productivity efficiency as well as drastically reduce your risk exposure.”

Estabild is the ideal project management tool for individuals in the construction industry and will change the way assignments are completed. For more information on Estabild, please visit its official website,


About Estabild

Estabild is a versatile lightweight platform that focuses on delivering three core-values to our clients: predictability, transparency, and connectivity. These values combined improve the level of trust between stakeholders and their capital investments, to help reduce the risk of undesired outcomes such as cost overruns and schedule delays.


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