EVAspark to launch IGNITE: Navigate Your Way to a Career You Love playbook on Friday, December 4th

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eBook designed to help teens and adults discover their true vocational calling

PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, December 6, 2020 EVAspark will officially launch its inaugural playbook designed to help teens and adults around the world discover their true vocational calling on Friday, December 4th. Entitled, IGNITE: Navigate Your Way to a Career You Love, the eBook will assist individuals between the ages of 15 and 20 as they begin an extraordinary journey, enabling them to build a new life with a prosperous vocational career.

Nowadays, many people change jobs multiple times during their careers as they attempt to align their values with a job, they feel passionate about. EVAspark founders Kylie Webb and Nickiy Tennant changed career paths on more than one occasion as they sought to extend their strengths and feel fulfilled in their work. Now, the duo is sharing their experiences and knowledge with others.

EVAspark was established to help young individuals learn the process of how to craft a career and not get stuck in a boring job that goes nowhere. IGNITE: Navigate Your Way to a Career You Love was created to give teens more direction, information, and the ability to ignite their own lives before it is too late.

“There are a lot of young individuals out there that don’t know what they want to do or how to achieve their dream job,” Kylie said. “The playbook will give them information like never before on vocational jobs and how to gain access to them.”

IGNITE: Navigate Your Way to a Career You Love isn’t just for teens seeking an extraordinary vocational career. The group’s inaugural playbook was also designed for individuals seeking a career change. People around the world are discovering their strengths and finding new career paths thanks to consistently changing technology. New avenues that didn’t exist as little as 10 years ago are changing the individual desires when it comes to employment.

“We want readers to understand that the book will empower them to choose,” Kylie said. “Choice is a really important part of our process and builds confidence.”

IGNITE: Navigate Your Way to a Career You Love can help those seeking a fresh start or change to achieve their dreams. As oftentimes, their desires and dreams change through experience.

“IGNITE can help people who want to do something different,” Nickiy explained. “Whether it is opening their own business, working from home, or starting a new career chapter in a different sector, the playbook will help them find their way and have the confidence to start something fresh.”

EVAspark’s IGNITE: Navigate Your Way to a Career You Love playbook can be found on the group’s official website, https://www.evaspark.org/, or can be purchased from Amazon in hardback or eBook formats.

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