“Exceptional Personalization Comes to the Home Theater Seating Market”


Home Theater Seating market

A new standard in style and comfort is now available to home theater owners and commercial theater venues with Elite Home Theater Seating’s fully customizable and personalizable range of cinema chairs. Customers can use Elite’s online custom theatre chair builder to view and select their perfect cinema seating in great detail, from choice of over 30 different suedes and leathers to the layout of the seating to the wood finishing. Whether its LED-lit cup holders or chestnut woodtrim for a loveseat, the possibilities are up to you.


Viewing great movies is a very personal experience. And tailoring your home cinema aesthetic creates a sense of luxury that stands apart, which is Elite Home Theater Systems’ guiding philosophy.


Founder and CEO of Elite explained what the company is all about: “…the comfort you have when watching an incredible performance is just as important as the sound or video quality of your home theater. At Elite, it’s about more than just building a great home theater chair, it’s about giving you the most luxurious experience possible.”

A Discerning Market


This has been backed up by broad industry research. We are at the beginning of a revolution in consumer tastes where customisation will become the norm. In a recent YouGov (UK) survey, a clear demographic trend emerged placing emphasis on personalization. Dubbed “personalizers” in a recent report from the UK research firm YouGov, the educated, affluent Millennial demographic in particular are most likely to personalize. This also applies to furniture, where creativity and self-expression drive interest in customizing products.


And the trend is here to stay, with Deloitte finding that half of consumers are willing to wait longer for customized or personalized products. EliteHTS will continue to lead the market in customizable home theater seating.



About Elite


Elite Home Theater Seating (Elite HTS) is an internationally recognized manufacturer of ultra-luxury home theater seating for residential and commercial projects. Founded a decade ago, pieces supplied by Elite furnish some of the most luxurious settings, such as Harrods in London and the Venetian Hotel in Macau. Elite has progressed to now running a state-of-the-art facility in Surrey, B.C. in Canada where it produced the highest quality cinema seating that comes with a 20 year warranty.