ExpressCards Offering Unique New Option to Buy Virtual Visa Gift Card with Bitcoin


Express Cards is providing a new and highly user-friendly option for cryptocurrency owners to buy virtual Visa gift card with Bitcoin. This allows Bitcoin owners to shop online wherever they want, even on websites that don’t accept cryptocurrencies.

(Location/Date) – While Bitcoin has seen exponential growth in the past few years, it is still not widely accepted as a payment method at most online shopping websites. ExpressCards.Net is now making it easy for Bitcoin owners to shop online from anywhere in the world using the cryptocurrency. The company is now offering an array of virtual Visa gift cards at varying price points that interested people can purchase using Bitcoin. Once the virtual Visa card has been purchased, the card owner can shop on Amazon, eBay or any online shopping website that accepts Visa payments.

A spokesperson for Express Cards made an official press statement to share further details regarding their business model “Here at Express Cards, we work relentlessly to truly embody our name. We strive to offer a lightning fast payment solution for Bitcoin owners who want to spend their cryptocurrency on online shopping websites.”

He further added “We have simplified the process so our patrons can easily buy virtual Visa gift card with Bitcoin and have the virtual card delivered to their email within a few minutes. We make it all possible by charging a small fee per transaction, without any hidden charges.”

In addition to virtual Visa gift cards, Express Cards also offers iTunes gift cards that can be bought in the same way using Bitcoin. With Visa gift cards being available for up to USD $1000, the iTunes cards are also available at three different price points.

More details about Express Cards can be seen on their official company website at

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