Faraj Al Omari: This time Gadara Initiative at Al Amal Center


Driven by its humanitarian and societal endeavours, the Gadara initiative, yesterday morning, organized a very special event at the Al Amal Center for Special Education in the Bani Kenana – the center for the care of people with special needs. The event was held under the guidance of the initiative’s founder, His Excellency Counselor Faraj Mohammed Al-Omari, Honorary International Adviser to the International Observer Association At the United Nations Economic Council (a member of the UNESCO World Assembly of Civilizations and a member of the British International Friendship Society) and was carried out by a group of volunteers in the initiative to welcome the center’s students at the beginning of the second semester.

On this occasion, Mr. Faraj Al-Omari iterated the importance of such humanitarian efforts in promoting benevolence and camaraderie with each other that will carve an influence to a sustainable and complementing environment.

The celebration included educational and enlightening passages from the Amo Hammam group that rendered joy and have painted lucid smiles in the children’s faces. The children of the center proudly showcased the talents they have garnered and developed during their educational practices and activities with their teachers who provided them with the rightful motivation.

The Jadara initiative presented gifts that would benefit each of the students in the center. It was supervised by the employees of the initiative and a group of the center’s teachers who have great understanding of their students. The Jedara initiative significantly impacted the students, their parents, the center management and its teachers for an impeccable interpretation and gesture of good will.

The initiative is keen in pursuing one of its calling to go places to create fond memories and share joy around its people and surroundings.

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