Find Another Way has a practical solution to plastic pollution


UK organisation shows that charity clothes donations can be collected without wasting half a billion plastic bags per year.

Donations of clothes are essential to many UK charities and commonly, third party collection companies are used. However, the current system of leaving a bag on the doorstep to be filled and collected later is incredibly inefficient, producing up to 2,500 tons of plastic waste every year. Find Another Way brings fresh thinking to the problem of supporting charities sustainably and responsibly.

Plastic pollution in the charity sector Public awareness of plastic pollution has risen in recent years; thanks in part to TV programmes such as the BBC’s Blue Planet showing us the impact and reality of discarded plastics as they leach into the soil or wash into the oceans, injecting toxic chemicals into the food chain. According to research from, around 525,000,000 non-biodegradable bags are delivered across the UK every year. But only 3% are actually used, the rest – a staggering 509 million bags – being mainly discarded as rubbish.

Finding another way Find Another Way Ltd was created to provide an alternative to the use of plastic collection bags, offering a more environmentally-friendly way for people to support their favourite charities. As the company says,

“We all remember when the government banned free plastic bags in the retail business sector. We all understood the reason, hailed the decision and accepted the fact that we needed to change our shopping habits – this time, it is the public that has to make the decision to undertake this futurealtering endeavor with us.”

The solution is to switch to methods using leaflets, donation stickers, and reusable bags, all of which are better than unnecessary single-use, non-recyclable bags.

Lend your support and help reduce plastic pollution Find Another Way knows that the vested interests of charity collection companies, and the profits from the current setup, mean that without action the situation won’t change. But if alternative methods are widely adopted, plastic use in the UK charitable sector could be cut by 97% within the next two years. So, time for action.

The goal is to prove indisputably that collection companies can use equally effective alternatives to plastic, and a range of environmentally-friendly rewards are on offer for people who support them. If you want to know more about a less-polluted tomorrow and Find Another Way’s goals, visit the website at

Find Another Way’s headquarters are located at Kemp House, 152-160 City Road in London. For more information and eye-opening statistics, visit or email