Finding Self with Canadian Film Director and Public Speaker Tyler Simmonds


Tyler Simmonds has a knack for finding beauty and meaning in the dark corners of his mind. From depression and anxiety to traumatic experiences. His mantra – “create to touch their soul” was birthed from this.

Simmonds is under the belief that ‘people can heal the world through artistic expression’. For him, that is directing films, and storytelling on stage in front of thousands of people. At a first glance, people may think of Tyler as the poster boy for confidence, but he wasn’t and isn’t always this way.

“When coming across Simmonds’ work I had the idea of taking a phone conversation with him. His voice was much softer and monotone than expected, and he seemed genuinely surprised by my admiration of him. When I pointed these things out to him he playfully responded, ‘Well – I am known for my extreme social anxiety.’ He then went on to tell me how funny he thinks it is when people ask him why he’s so quiet or uses so much self-deprecating humor in personal conversation at times.

“I don’t think very highly of myself, but I know what I have that people love – It’s truth, self-awareness and passion. I don’t think of myself better than anyone, in fact I tried to before and failed miserably because i felt like an a***. I’m many things but not an a***.

“While speaking with Simmonds I realized what his ‘it’ factor was. He doesn’t pretend or try to be perfect, he seems extremely comfortable with being himself. This leaks over into his filmmaking and public speaking. Because of this, he works in a very uniquely personal way. He says he believes we can all do what we love, we just need to embrace it to extreme levels.

“I’m not the best speaker I know. I’m also not the best filmmaker I know. But I am definitely one of the few people I know who would cut off a limb if it meant I could continue to live off of the work I’m in love with.”

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