Fitness Volt Launches New Bench Press Calculator

Leading Health and Fitness website has launched a new Bench Press Calculator. Fitness Volt, which provides health and fitness advice for bodybuilders and includes many valuable tools to help people get in shape and gain muscle, has launched a range of new tools in recent months.

Fitness Volt, a health and fitness website dedicated to female and male bodybuilders, has today released some exciting news. The leading fitness website for female and male bodybuilders and those that was to get in shape has launched a new Bench Press Calculator.

The Fitness Volt Bench Press Calculator is an important accessory for bodybuilders and fitness fanatics. It takes away the time-consuming mathematics that is needed to work out the amount of weight that bodybuilders and fitness fans can bench for a certain number of reps. It uses a formula to calculate the approximate 1 REP MAX. As well as helping people work out the Rep MAX, it can also help bodybuilders avoid injury by stopping them from using more weights or reps than advised.

The Bench Press Calculator is easy to use. All a person needs to do is to enter the weights lifted or they want to lift, and the number of reps. Once that information is provided, the new calculator will then provide detailed information.

“We have introduced our new bench press calculator after a lot of our readers said they wanted something that would help them quickly calculate their 1 REP MAX (1RM) for bench press. Our calculator will do just that. It will work out all the information in less than a second, providing bodybuilders and those that want to build muscle and keep fit with quick and accurate information,” explained a spokesman for Fitness Volt.

This is not the only fitness tool that Fitness Volt and launched in recent months. They also launched the Weight Gain Calculator that enables bodybuilders to learn how much weight they needed to gain to build the right muscles.  

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