Florida Tattoo Academy sees enrollments SOAR 62.5% with new stimulus money


Students at Florida Tattoo Academy’s Tarpon Florida Location, are making the decision to invest instead of waste their stimulus money as many younger people have done in the past.  The recent surge of stimulus payments has been worth a 62.5% increase in enrollments for the school.  The average tuition for a 200 hour program at Florida Tattoo Academy is $5800 and the $1400 in stimulus has worked to offset the initial down payment. 

Many businesses are seeing a boast in spending with stimulus but Angelo Kotzamanis, Director of enrollment at Florida Tattoo Academy, says this surge is different than previous stimulus surges. He is noticing that younger generation students aged 18-23 have really been very responsible with the stimulus money.  He says many of the students are feeling like they need to re tool and get ready for this new economy.  The students are also worried that they may not get another round of stimulus. Many of the students are sick and tired of traditional jobs that are drying up and not rewarding.  The Tattoo Industry is growing rapidly and many younger students feel this is a great time to align with this new growing market.

About Florida Tattoo academy

Florida Tattoo Academy is the only licensed tattoo school in the Tampa Bay Area.

Florida Tattoo academy is founded and run by artists. We care about not just getting students degrees and licenses, but about getting students to be the best they can be.

Our goal is to lead our students on a path to become world-class tattoo artists or successful medical tattoo artists. We want to teach our students how to take their client’s dreams and turn them into beautiful art.


The tattoo industry is the only art form that is regulated and we feel that is for good reason. For instance, when you work on human skin you have to learn how to maintain a sterile work environment and not pass on blood-borne diseases or infections.

A state licensed tattoo school will teach you everything you need to know to get licensed as a tattoo artist but most importantly to teach you how to be successful in the tattoo industry.

Just getting a license will not make you a great tattoo artist. The key to becoming a great tattoo artist is developing a solid foundation in tattooing and learning from seasoned professionals both of which will provide you a giant head start to becoming a world-class tattoo artist.

At Florida Tattoo Academy we make it easy for an artist to learn how to turn their art into a career.

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Company Name: Florida Tattoo Academy
Contact Person: Angelo Kotzamanis

Phone: 727-940-7200
City: Tarpon Springs
State: Florida
Country: United States
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