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Foam Mattress – The Companion For A Good Sleep

Uncomfortable sleeping quarters make it hard to get a decent night’s sleep. After working hard for a whole day, sleep is crucial to recover physical health. Providing the best possible condition to enable customers to easily obtain a good night’s sleep is the mission of high-end foam mattresses. Any customer can find enjoyment and satisfaction in the qualities of foam mattresses.

What is a Foam mattress? Types of Foam mattresses

Foam mattresses are made from artificial materials. This type of mattress is produced from polyurethane foam, or simply called foam. The material is produced by a chemical reaction process, which consists of millions of connected air bubbles that work together to support the body effectively.

Types of Foam mattresses:

  • Memory foam mattresses contain Memory foam material. With its remarkable elasticity, this mattress is a product of the future. Moreover, such a well-ventilated mattress also aids in keeping users cool and comfortable at all times.
  • PU foam mattresses are made from Polyol and Diisocyanate materials with a particular level of bounce, which gives the mattress an airy and soft feeling when you lie down.
  • Multilayer foam mattresses provide excellent body support and help you easily fall asleep in any position.

Advantages of Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses are evaluated as a popular luxury mattress category. Due to their countless amazing benefits, Foam mattresses have won over and will likely continue to attract more numerous customers worldwide. Some noticeable advantages of this type of mattress include:

The ability to support the body: Consumers will no longer experience shoulder, neck, or back pain after sleeping because of this aid feature. Furthermore, this premium mattress lessens pressure on all body points, giving the sleeper a softer, smoother feeling. Since the mattress has a high degree of elasticity, no matter how you move, you will always feel protected and cherished.

The ability to cool off: A frequent misunderstanding about foam mattresses is that they are hot. However, foam mattresses are incredibly breathable and have an open structure. The mattress is also equipped with cooling technology in each layer, which keeps you cool and comfortable all year round.


High durability: Foam mattresses are regarded as some of the best items with extremely high durability. Certain foam mattress types from well-known brands come with a 10-year limited product warranty. This demonstrates strongly that foam mattresses are a luxurious product category that is in demand right now.

Good absorption: Foam mattress covers are extremely absorbent, making them ideal for people who sweat a lot. Another great feature that makes this kind of mattress more appealing is its resistance to dust and ability to avoid irritating sensitive skin.

Light weight: Foam mattresses also weigh less than other mattresses with the same size. Besides that, the open structure makes it simple to press and roll neatly, allowing you easily to transport, move or place the mattress on the bed by yourself.

Check out RU9’s foam mattresses with prices from only 110 USD at:

Where to buy reliable Foam mattresses?

Selecting a trustworthy store to buy a high-quality foam mattress is another crucial step that you should take. Ru9 is proud to offer every customer premium foam mattresses at competitive pricing. You can trust Ru9 because:

We provide outstanding customer service to ensure your benefits. If you are unhappy with the mattress after a 100-night risk-free trial, you can return it and still get 100% of the money paid.

For customers with payment from 60 USD, Ru9 supports door-to-door delivery service with a convenient shipping fee of 0 USD.

In addition, Ru9’s long warranty period also helps customers feel secure about the quality of our products.


With Ru9’s supporting policy, you can purchase 0% interest installments for 12 months, giving you greater financial flexibility and simplifying the ownership process of the product.

Ru9 is pleased to accompany you on your journey to finding good sleep for a healthier body.

Ru9 Limited Company

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Hanoi Showroom: 71 Trang Thi Str., Hang Bong Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Hotline: 02873000019






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